Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lynn and Footwork...

Here ya go. Lynn's 4th session on WP footwork. She is getting it and today I introduced straight poles. And I am going back and forth...just to help her see I WANT swimming. And to make it easier for her to figure it out :)
I want to get her on 12--2 x 2's, but I don't have that many...SO...the plan is to get her weaving 6 straight poles...good footwork then work on the 12. She has a few trials coming up...and I will continue to run her in those, BUT...after she gets her AAD and is all into Masters classes. I might take some time off to really solidify her weaves. I figure if it will get those poles how I want them and what is comfortable for her. I would rather do that now when she is a baby dog.

Good girl Lynn :)

Silvia Trkman seminar this weekend! WOO HOO! I hope I can get lots of video of Lynn and Crackers running. REALLY EXCITED!!!!!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Lynn is doing great! How awesome to be able to practice in your garage!

Can't wait to hear all about the Sylvia Trkman seminar! I bet it is going to be amazing!!

D said...

That is working well! She looks great!

livin life said...

Nice Carpet Baby! Wonder how your sheep would do in there.....hmmmm