Saturday, January 22, 2011

Herding Depression...

I need my fix...I am going through herding withdrawal.
I know this as the mere THOUGHT of training agility with my dogs makes me want to crawl back into bed and hide for the rest of the day.

Weave poles? Whaaaaa? Running DW....covering hands with ears...eyes closed. Block it out, block it out, BLOCK IT OUT...tears streaming down my cheeks...I don't want to hear anything about it...leave me alone.

I want to rent a bobcat and plow my entire pasture so I can work dogs...I asked, I really did. Andy shot that down, or rather looked at me, and rolled his eyes...and went back to cutting onions for some hash brown casserole (NO...NOT HOT DISH)... Day 23: Onions (for Lora W and Nell :)

I have all this amazing stuff (probably things that KK has said to me a MILLION times...but alas my brain says WOW!!! NEW STUFF!!!) and I can't try it. F*ck you mother nature...whoever believes in global warming hasn't been to warming my a**. Whatever.

This aways happens to me...I go to a clinic, a lesson, whatever and my brain tells me "move, buy 100 acres, get 300 sheep and become a sheep farmer. I want to never pick up a pile of dog sh*t again, because they all crap in the back 40 in the tall grass...turds never to be seen again. Trial my dogs, and screw agility. I have dreams of sending Klink on a 700 yard outrun and sad...

But...I think my students would kill me, or burn down my pretty farm I just bought if I told them I wasn't doing agility anymore. They are an ornery bunch of kids :)

As we were driving up to Minnesota after our trip, the husband texts me that it was so cold up here...and I needed to turn around and head south. Save myself and the pups. He would make due with the other dogs up here, but just don't forget them all and come back in the spring. :) How adorable is he? I was tempted, but Donna wouldn't let me...said something about her husband would care...damn...

Sorry...tangent. And the cows that my husband needs for his job are just basically in Minnesota and Wisconsin...gag...for those of you who are from those parts, it's OK, you like it...I get it. But me, no...I don't like snow and -30 degrees is just b*llshit. I am not genetically programmed for that.

I am so happy when I am working my dogs on very very happy. Peaceful and it just is a piece of the puzzle that makes up Loretta. Without it, I feel unfinished. I don't feel that way with agility...if someone told me tomorrow...choose one, it would be herding. Many probably find that hard to believe but it's true. Agility is my job, agility is a hobby...herding is in my soul. I know that sounds totally all "hippie"'s true. This picture sums it up :) Jen (I call her the red Klink though)...a horse and sheep...and a big field...perfection (OK...well Jen could have been in better focus...I tried to talk to her about slowing down a bit, she wasn't listening).

I can't tell you the first place I did agility, that moment, I can't tell you my first amazing agility run...but I can tell you, with great detail those first times in herding...they are branded into my brain.
Why? Not sure...but I think because herding is DAMN hard. It is by far the most challenging thing I have ever done (ok maybe next to this workout regime I am doing! LOL)...but no dogs are alike, no sheep are alike, and that is just so much fun for me. When I see people who have been doing this for many years still get stumped for a bit with a new dog or know it's tough! The only thing that has come close to it (and not really even that close) is the running DW training I did with Lynn.
Sigh...I need to work my dogs in agility this weekend...I know this...I have trials coming up...seminars etc...ugh...come on spring... Even won't let me hide under the covers...damnit Even.


KPR said...

Whew! I'm so glad you put **s in place of the real letters in bad words. It would be way too offensive if you spelled them out! Oh my virgin eyeballs.

D said...

Quit your's supposed to be 30 degrees on Friday. This too shall pass.

It is pretty mean of Andy to not let you rent the bobcat for herding purposes though..I thought he loved you. Maybe you could just herd the sheep up and down the plowed on driving or whatever the correct herding term is. Your neighbors already think you are crazy.

Thanks for not moving...we would really miss you!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have sheep in my backyard to use if only for half the year. I would love to do some more herding, but because of logistics called to far away, not enough time and too much money my talented doggies don't get to play. So, hang in there... good things are worth waiting for.

Loretta Mueller said...

I am sorry Jodi...didn't mean to offend your poor eyes :)

D---yes Andy is mean :) LOL

Not sure about lucky...we have made lots of sacrifices for those damn sheep :) LOL

Sare said...

Sure....blame it on the cows!

livin life said...

Oh shwoosh...after seeing that knife...I am very thankful that Nell is a rubix cube! :)

Jen said...

I just ADORE that picture of Even (crazy eyes). So reminds me of one of my mom's dogs. Thanks for being someone that updates their blog often so I can amuse myself during long, boring work days! :)