Sunday, January 23, 2011

Get By With A Little Help From My Friends...

The husband and I headed south of the Twin Cities for a day of working dogs :) It's always nice to work with B...especially when I have something that needs feedback. She is always open to anything and comes up with some amazing ways to get things accomplished. Today was no exception.

Lynn's weaves are going well, her footwork is improving GREATLY and I had just one little hang-up...and B helped me figure it out and come up with a plan of attack :) Another set of eyes is always a great thing :) And, with not much work, Lynn's DW's are holding up! :) WOO HOO!
I am VERY excited about the Silvia seminar coming up this next weekend, have lots of questions for her, and I am excited to get some really good feedback :)

Everyone else did great, my serpentines are getting more smooth and I am able to move out more (I was having some "gawking" issues...watching the pretty doggie). But those have been dealt with :) Feels good to get those tighter and faster!

I was, in return able to help her with a couple of her dogs :) She has a young male BC that is just a hoot! People think, because I only have herding bred dogs, that I can't appreciate any other kind of breeding on a dog. That isn't true. I like her male, he is very cool, lots of drive, bounces back easily and is very wanting to please. I don't really care WHAT the breeding is on a dog, I will say I like it if I think it is a nice dog :) REALLY. Just for me, since I love herding so much...I can't imagine having any other kind of dog but a herding bred dog. But he is cool :) And perfectly suited for B :) I love seeing how much she likes working him, and he absolutely adores her. A fun team to watch grow :)

She also has Crackers sister, who is freakin' adorable and it was fun to see her run :)

I always laugh SO much when I am able to train with makes agility training so much more nice and relaxed. I don't MIND training with the husband, but there is a sense of seriousness when working with him. He is exact, he is analytical...and he is serious. Icky :) I don't always mind that, but when I am not wanting to work my dogs at doesn't make me very motivated. I need relaxed and happy, I need to be able to laugh until my stomach hurts :) And B is great for this :) She and I know each other and our handling styles...and what our weaknesses are...and we are able to push each other to do things out of our comfort zones :) We also handle along the same lines...which makes things simpler and...well...more fun.

Sometimes I lose my drive and motivation to run agility too. I wish I was like my dogs, motivated by a toy or some food...but comes down to the fact that I need to have a relaxed and fun time...laughing and joking seem to be my main motivator.

B--you're a great friend :) If you read this entry I hope you realize that :)

I am very blessed to have some amazing friends...really amazing friends. Not sure what I have done to deserve them, but I am very grateful for all of them :)

Day 24: Whatcha got there??

Um....Zip...what is that? How sad, there is a little blind flamingo around here somewhere...trying to find it's way back to the toy box...Even probably has him under the bed, ripping his wings off or something. I am sure when people come to my home, and they don't have dogs, the sight of small critters with hollow sockets where their eyes once were is incredibly morbid.

Dogs like idea why. Or maybe mine just do?

On a totally unrelated note...the jeans that I was fitting into are now baggy...AWWWWWW YEAH! :)


Anonymous said...

So true about friends -- Emma's weekly lesson is just pure fun, made so not only by her love of agility, but more so by the small group of friends with whom we train. Ditto at the trials.

And Emma, by the way, comes from herding stock. Except for her longer coat, she looks so much like Zip and Even. Even's expressions in your blog photographs are just like Emma's.

Loretta Mueller said...

Fun! What are Emma's lines? I love talking BC lines :)