Sunday, October 10, 2010

Woo Hoo!

I can update the Blog from the road!

We are hanging out in Wisconsin today with a couple of friends. We wanted to get the dogs running on dirt before Nationals. Tomorrow we head to Louisville...I am hoping to get a lesson with Virgil Holland sometime this week with Lynn...looking forward to it!

Klink has staged her "I will NOT poop on leash" rebellion (Gator has decided against joining her this time)...because my dogs are rarely on leash they don't like being on leash to potty :) So all day yesterday Klink refused. This am she was MORE than happy to do her job :) Hopefully the rebellion is over!

Spending 10 days with one's spouse can be interesting, but hopefully we won't murder each other by the end of this...

Crackers has gas that could knock a dog off a gut as long as his kennel is RIGHT next to the drivers head...Andy is driving...if he wants to move his crate...then I'll take the wheel.

Gonna be a long trip!

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