Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 1--European Standard

First off, Minnesota teams REALLY rocked :) Many of us went clean and that was very very cool to see!

European Standard----aka warm up make sure you hold your contacts (or so it is for me and many others! LOL)

Andy and Crackers were up first and they had a lovely run, Andy was nervous (to be expected) but he did a great job! :) They were clean and put in a great time, not sure where it sat but it was up there I think!

Klink had a lovely run, I think she ran better in this run than she ever has, stayed tight, listened well and I was beyond happy with her. I made a lateral move out of the chute and she got a refusal on the jump after the chute...oh well. All bars up, turns tight, contacts lovely. Happy happy happy.

Gator ran 2nd and was clean, good boy, listened well and I made him hold his contacts. Longer than needed, but he was pushing a bit on them so I figured it needs to happen. Got out of the ring, was tugging with him and I saw blood..YIKES! Luckily it was just his nose :) Whew!!!

Surface is HARD, dusty and it is going to be hard on the dogs. Gator wasn't getting much traction in the weaves, poor guy. Fought for every stride. But I am sure they will adjust...I hope! The warm up jumps are on carpet which is slicker than snot, so not doing that. They do have a couple outside, so those are the ones I will be using. I miss Scottsdale...I miss it LOTS...I hope they water down the surface or SOMETHING for the rest of the week...

Now to relax and get ready for YET ANOTHER ONE RUN A DAY...oh joy.

Lots of great teams out there, fun to see them run!


Tori Self said...

I'm glad we didn't go if that's the surface. I *hate* hard, dusty dirt. Hate it. Bummer too, guess we'll just have to wait until it goes back to Arizona. (provided the surface doesn't get better as the week goes on... which, I hope it does)

Congrats on today and good luck tomorrow! :)

Sare said...

Good luck tomorrow, sounds like today started you both off to a great week:))

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sounds like a good warm up today! Sorry the surface is not great. I do hope the dogs adjust and don't get hurt!

Good luck tomorrow!

Kristi said...

Good luck! Hope they water that stuff down - I hate to see the fast dogs sliding all over the place.

Debra Kay said...

good luck to you guys