Monday, September 6, 2010

Whatta weekend!!!!!

We just got back from a 3 day USDAA trial in Lake Elmo, MN and I am TIRED :)

The dogs did very well, I was quite proud of them :) I didn't enter Klink and Gator in GP or Steeplechase to save some money since Lynn is now running :) I really missed running in those classes though :(

Saturday Gator went 4/5 with just an NQ in Gamblers. He won Standard, won Jumpers, 4th in Pars and a Q in Snooker. Klink took 2nd in Standard to her brother and Q'd in Snooker. She slipped in Jumpers and sort of fell on a bar :-(( And pairs we had a communication issue! LOL

Lynn was AWESOME as far as I am concerned :) She took 1st in Gamblers finishing her SG title, 1st in Standard and got her AD :) Jumpers was a LOVELY run with the LAST bar....ugh. I will be moving her up to all Advanced anyway. She is getting MUCH faster :) So I am having to get my butt in gear :) She got all her contacts, very happy with that :) And seems to be able to weave now, all the time :) She is barking now, and is tugging on her leash in the ring, which she wasn't that is good :)

I just don't always know what I have yet :) Sometimes I have Cautious Lynn, Confident Lynn, AWOL Lynn, Barky Lynn....and it is a bit hard to figure that out. But we are getting there :)

Crackers won GP, got 2nd in Steeplechase, 1st in pairs, Super Q'd in Snooker, and Q'd in jumpers with 1st or 2nd, can't remember! Good boy! Andy needed that ONE STANDARD leg for his MAD, and had a GORGEOUS run going, but Crackers fell off the table, he really tried SO hard to stay on...oh well.

Sunday was also a good day. Gator went 4/5 again, winning Standard again, Pairs and getting Q's in Gamblers and Snooker :) Klink also went 4/5 winning Jumpers, 2nd in Standard (to Gator again!!!) and Q'ing in Gamblers and Snooker.

Lynn...I am so proud of this girl. First up was gamblers...and the worst thing happened that COULD have happened, or so thought. She fell off the dogwalk. I didn't do anything, just ran her back over it, and she nailed it, did another one, that one was EVEN better! WHEW!!!!!! She got the gamble and took 1st for her "extra" starters leg :) I was so proud of her, and everything was FAST...a bit of barking, but FAST :) Standard was a LOVELY run, except when she was so wired she failed to read my lateral motion and took a tire at LEAST 30 feet away, the judge even remarked that she didn't see THAT as an off course option! LOL Gorgeous contacts :) GOOD GIRL. bar....she slipped before the double :( But otherwise a GREAT run. Advanced Snooker, LOVELY run, she listened, a bit of barking, but kept her feet up and won the class for her very first Advanced Q!!!! GOOD GIRLIE! So happy with Stewart!

Crackers and Andy had an OK day on Sunday....Andy was a bit off, but they managed a 1st in Gamblers and a 1st and Super Q with an AWESOME snooker run :)

Today was DAM Team...and I had a sick BC on my hands...don't feed dogs different things before team the next day. Gator was NOT happy tummy wise :( So he didn't run his best poor dude, but we still managed 2 DAM Q's for Klink and Gator...

Crackers also got a DAM Q and Andy did a great job with him :)

Now in just a few days we head up to the MI Regionals, LOTS to work on between now and then!!!! Will get videos up if I can!

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Carolyn West said...

Lynn looks really amazing! Great job with her. :)