Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Herding herding herding....

With Even costing us an arm and a leg...and still looking at putting up a barn for agility...I won't be attending any stockdog trials this year :-( But I can still work my dogs on sheep! Thank goodness! Had a limited amount of time, so I thought I would take Zip and Lynn out to work this am :)

You ready????

Lynn hasn't been in the big field, she has done some round pen work, but I wasn't ready to put her in the big field yet. SHE had no issues with it :) She actually surprised me with how well she did! She has never worked the herd either. I was taking her to places as the ewes with lambs were NOT good puppy training sheep...she didn't care ONE bit :)She has NO problem finding her sheep :)Love this dog... Fearless And WAY too close...LMAO! Pace darlin' PACE... Hard to believe she was a puppy once :) So intense :) Still Lynn :) This girl has a lot of style, but a good eye that doesn't make her sticky...brings her IN a bit but I know how to deal with that :) Did I mention I love this dog?? Walk up...I love this photo...not sure why, but I do. She is outrunning...Happy girl, taking a break :)

Good girl Lynn! She's got 'em RIGHT where she wants 'em :)
Tucking in a few lambs...And now Zip's turn :) Come Bye Walk up I wouldn't want to be a sheep right now :)

Meanwhile...Lynn was tied to the fence...and apparently I need a chain next time because she chewed RIGHT THROUGH the rope and all of a sudden to my and my friends surprise (the person taking the pictures BTW) I had TWO dogs in the field with me. As I tried to control the chaos, she was able to get a few pictures :) Lynn doesn't have a down on her yet :) And proof that Zip does down! Flanking...times two! I love this pic :) Mother and daughter...I am so happy I bred this litter! A very happy Stewart :) HAPPY DOGS!

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Sare said...

So fun to see them doing what they were bred to do. Lynn looks so pleased with herself as she should be. Zip looks pretty happy too walking up on those sheep.