Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tails in Motion USDAA

I love local trials :) This was 20 minutes from our house. PERFECT.

Now that Crackers got is AAD, Andy is in all Masters...which is great :) Just in time for me to start Lynn trialing in August!! Sigh...

Andy and Crackers had another great weekend!


Master Gambler Q and 1st
Master Standard Q and 1st
Master Snooker SUPER Q and is Snooker Master title!!!!
Master Jumpers Q and 1st and his Jumper Master title!!!!
Grand Prix Q and voucher
Steeplechase--Andy had a work thing, I tried running him :) He stayed with me for MOST of it...then was looking for his daddy :-( Oh well. Little dogs are easy to run, but you have to do more running than the big dogs! I think I will stick with my big dogs! )

Master Snooker Super Q
Master Pairs for his Relay Master Title!!!!

Now...the plan is to retrain is running dogwalk, is it BAD? Well not in as he hits the yello...but he goes high alot...yuck. So we are taking a break until August to work on retraining it using the same method I used for Lynn's dogwalk. Wish us luck!

Gator was a good boy :) Q'ing in Gamblers both days (4th and 3rd) got a Standard Q (which he did on his OWN as I wasn't much help!!), Won Steeplechase rounds 1 AND 2 (with a 26.17 second finals run!! Q'd in Snooker both days (one being a super Q with a 3rd and the other being ME not getting a threadle for the 7 in the closing) and in Relay (2nd) and had a LOVELY Grand Prix run, which WOULD have gotten him a voucher...BUT...I said OK at the TOP of the dogwalk (which was 2nd to last obstacle) yeah...he released and missed the contact---beating head against wall. Oh well :) Still a nice run! He had a few baby dog moments...Standard today he imploded after I marked a self-released A-frame contact (gotta go put some money back in the contact bank!)...but he was an awesome dog overall.

Klinky was a great little kid this weekend :) She won Grand Prix, got 2 Standard Q's (1st and 2nd places), 2 Gamblers Q's (2nd place for one of them), a steeplechase Q and a Snooker Q. She is really running well and I so missed running her ;)

I have several things to work on with each dog! Our next trial won't be until lots to get trained :)

Herding is going well...will write more about that later :)

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Taryn said...

Crackers is amazing! That little dog can haul!