Friday, May 21, 2010

Lynn & Spot

Took the two littermates to southern Minnesota to work sheep today :) My ewes are not good for working young dogs right now, just too defensive with lambs. So traveling to work the young dogs is what has to be done.
I took Klink along so if we had a bit of time I could work her as well, I am just cleaning up flanks, sharpening up whistles and in general giving her a tune up...she worked really well :) I was very happy with her! I am hoping to have her ready to run well in Pro-Novice soon.
I put a good deal of work on Lynn, she was doing some really nice outruns and had started doing some driving. But with lambing, summer and trialing...she didn't get worked for awhile. It showed :) So I just kept it simple today by putting her in a small pasture and working on bending. She was a bit naughty, flossed her teeth a few times, but did settle in and started casting out better :)
The plan is to start putting a good amount of miles on her :) I really like her, tough, grips no problem (grin) and takes pressure with no issues.
Took some pictures and got a bit of is hard to take pictures though when actually working young least for ME it is :)

NOT in totally! I am still being good! Lynn...walk up. Lynn Lynn Watch 'em Lynn...

We also brought Spot along to get him going. I exposed him when he was 7 months old and if you read my blog you know he went last week to work sheep and he was not happy (neither was I for that matter!) so we thought we would try him again. And he was definetly KEEN! And a bit crazy :) He started a bit like Lynn (but more biddable and not really gripping) so I think he will be good for Donna :)Spot

Good lookin' boy!

Here is a bit of video Donna took when I worked them. I didn't really tell Donna what to video, so she tried to follow the dog the best she could :)


KPR said...

Lynn is terrible. Here's how you fix it. Stick her in a crate, and put her on a plane to Boise. Don't look back.

Monique said...

Love the front cross at 1:43 ;) From someone who is a multi-discipline handler like yourself

Monique said...

I also left a nice comment for Squid's owner. I wish this were a requirement here in the states. Alas, its not compatible with our "lifestyle."

fulltiltbcs said...

LOL KPR, yes, she sucks :) But I think I will try to stick with her as long as I can ;)

fulltiltbcs said...

LOL Monique! I do what I can :)