Monday, May 3, 2010

I think I am agilitied out...if that is even a word...

Another weekend, another trial and I am SOOOO looking forward to a weekend off! :)

Took Klink, Gator, Zip and Crackers to the CACM USDAA trial in St. Cloud, MN. Close to home and it was SO nice getting to sleep in my own bed each night!

Klink came into the weekend with a sore back...and it definetly showed :(
I came into the weekend not really wanting to do agility, but snuggle and spend time with Even before she leaves me for a month...and that showed as well :(

Both Klink and Gator's teams Q'd, so that is good, and both dogs had great runs, Klink knocked a few bars, but considering it was raining all day and VERY windy, I will take it :)

Saturday and Sunday things were good for Klinker and Gator :) Saturday I was just not really wanting to be there...stressing over Even leaving and I let that get into my head when running. But in SPITE of me they ended up with Pairs, Snooker, Grand Prix and Klink got into Round 2 of Steeplechase.

Zip just had one run, jumpers, and it was a GREAT run, except it was slick and she slipped RIGHT before a jump and knocked it :( Darn...

Sunday I sucked it up and told myself to let the Even thing go for a day and things went much better :) Both dogs got Gamblers Q's, Pair's Q's and Jumper's Q's. Gator also picked up another Standard Q :) Klinker had to go bye bye in Standard because her barking didn't let her hear me, so that is our rule, you can bark all you want, but if it interferes with you working...bye. It worked :) After I pulled her from Standard, she went on to get a Super Q in Snooker AND win Jumpers...can we say BRAT!?!?!!? She also finished her RCH-Silver, SCH-Silver and LAA-Bronze!

Gator has 9 more legs to his hopefully that will happen at MAC the end of the month. But he finished his SACH-Silver and SCH-Silver :)

Klink will not be running in MAC, she needs a break due to her back. No biggie, she will be back and better than ever so things are fine. She is just not holding adjustments, so a rest will be good for her :)

Crackers and Andy had a great weekend! Their team didn't Q, but all of the teammates had some great runs :)

They got their 2nd Grand Prix leg so they are all Q'd up for Nationals! The Crackhead is going to Louisville! Crazy! They also picked up an Advanced Standard leg with a 1st, 2 Advanced Gamblers legs, both 1st, 2 Advanced Snooker Legs (one 1st, one 2nd) for his Snooker title! Onto Masters Snooker! And 2 Advanced Relay legs, the first one getting him his Advanced Relay title! Onto Masters for Relay as well! :) He also got a Steeplechase leg as well. A great weekend for them!

Now it is spend time with Even, and leave for Wisconsin tomorrow...this is going to be so very very hard for me, but it will be worth it :) I hope the time goes by VERY quickly.....


An English Shepherd said...

They do say you can have to much of a good thing ;-)

Wiz :-)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to hear the trial went well and you let yourself enjoy it a little bit. Have a safe trip tomorrow - we'll be thinking about you and Even and sending lots of hugs your way!

fulltiltbcs said...

Definetly Wiz :)

Thanks so much for the positive thoughts, I sure need them right now! :)