Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting there!!!

We have been plugging away on Lynn's dogwalk training :) I try to do a session each day. Since we have lots of other things to work on it keeps me from overworking it.

One thing this has taught me is PATIENCE...the dog will go at their own pace. This is not something you will teach in a requires a lot of time and also developing your eye so you can reward your dog for running.

With Lynn, certain heights give her more trouble than others. from 18-21" we spent a lot of time at. Then I was able to move her up pretty steadily and now at 41" I am seeing her trying to figure things out...this might be another height where we stay at for several sessions. Maybe I am being picky, but I want it a close to perfect as it can be :)

We have 7 more inches to get to the full height...and then we begin the backchaining :) And a million other things :) But it is fun, it is interesting and I am really enjoying the challenge of teaching it.

Then once it is taught, I have to figure out how to handle it :)


Stick It Border Collies said...

well done!

kind of like dieting one inch at a time =)lol

fulltiltbcs said...

Yeppers...definetly :)