Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Even Steven...

Is depressed :(

She has been on some form of rest for at LEAST 5 months...and now she is on either crate or x-pen rest until we take her to TOPS in Chicago for a full consult, which is on the 23rd...so 10 days away...

Chew bones and raw bones seemed to keep her busy, but now she isn't really chewing them anymore. She howls when I take the rest of the dog on a walk. She is still eating, but not very fast.
I am able to have her out in the house with me, but only on leash because as soon as she gets off leash she wants to zoomie :( Poor kiddo...
So I am getting inventive with things for her to do. All her meals will now be delivered in kongs. Intermixed with treats and soft dogfood. I also froze several kongs filled with homemade chicken broth (not the high salt stuff from the store).

I ordered several Genius Leo toys as well as some puzzle games (they have to figure things out to get the treats)...I can't use a treat ball as she gets too physical with it and wants to pounce on it. Not good :(

She isn't impressed, but I hope it helps. Andy and I have also been just hanging with her on the couch with the other dogs put up. I think that helps a lot as she is very needy right now. She is full of energy and just wants to work so badly...

Any other ideas anyone can give me would be great. I am hopeful that we can maybe do some swimming or something after we get back from TOPS...positive thoughts are GREATLY appreciated!


Monique said...

When my aussie required 6 months of crate rest due to 2 ACL surgeries (TPLO x 2) we taught her a ton of tricks.

1) Stacking bowls - 6 bowls all the same, have to pick them up and put one inside the next

2) Blowing bubbles on cue

3) Name of like 40 different objects and how to tell them apart (including things like TV remote, keys, phone, etc)

4) Named each of her feet (1,2,3,4) how to present each foot, put each foot or combo of feet onto board, then into a shoebox, etc)

5) Worked our verbal-cue-only body positions (sit, down, stand, bow)

6) Refined Left and Right using shaping with clicker

7) Head up, head down, right side night night, left side night night

Not sure if this helps, but she learned to look forward to stationary training almost as much as exercise. I did all this inside an ex-pen or with her on a 6' leash tied to the leg of my chair.

Good luck,

Stick It Border Collies said...

TRICKS TRICKS TRICKS!! if you havn't already you can go to Sylvia Turkman's website and she has videos of many tricks not sure how stationary some are but it is worth a shot. Or go to Susan Garrett's blog and she has a list of 100 tricks to do. let me know if you can't find the list and you want it i have it saved. Hope she gets better SOON!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks ladies.

I have started naming toys and objects, but a lot of movement will cause issues :(

I tried the stacking bowls earlier this week and the next day her leg was swollen :(

So very stationary for right now...

Blowing bubbles on cue! I like that!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Poor Even - that's such a long time to be on crate rest - I would be depressed too. You've probably already thought of this and it would be boring compared to agility, but could she work on all the on-leash novice obedience and rally exercises? She probably knows a lot of them but could work on perfecting them? It would give her a chance to work on something one on one with you and might make her feel better. It might be too much movement, I guess.

We're sending you tons of positive thoughts!