Friday, March 5, 2010


40 degrees today! Spring is coming and I couldn't be happier! Now I don't like "de-mudding" the dogs...but all the smoothies are wipe down...Klink...well yeah :)

And with spring comes lots of things to do...this week's goal--sheep. Lambing starts next week and the ewes are uddering up! Time to pull Jello the ram out of the pen and put him with his buddy the wether in a pen until we are ready for his "services again" :) We have found he is much happier and less aggressive when he has a we kept a lamb back and that lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) boy gets to hang with Jello :)


They knew something was up... But the haircuts must go on...the guy that shears our sheep said that it would be easy since they were kinda round (READ THAT AS FAT)
No they're not! Oh wait...yeah they are...good lord look at that one...
So Klink gets the little buggers in the pen...
And then assumes her position for shearing up in the barn loft area...that is her "spot" as we call it. We teach the dogs to go there unless we need them :)
And she waits...just in case I call for her :)
Our shearer is AWESOME...he is patient, gentle and quick. With the ewes being so pregnant, we want to minimize stress. He goes out west and shears HUGE herds of sheep and I think it is amazing watching him work.
We are really lucky to have such a great person to take care of our sheep so close to us.
See? Not one nick...
Cleaning up udders so the lambs can find the milkbar better :)
Taking' a little off the top :)
I am always amazed just how gentle he is with them...

That is favorite ewe :)
Meanwhile Klink waits...just in case :)

After shearing while they are still laying down we dewormed and vaccinated.

And THEN...

WARNING---NUDITY AHEAD!!!! AHHHHH! Sheepy nakedness!!!! THAT will make them want to be in the barn to lamb!
They always look so much smaller after shearing is done :) Ok they are STILL'll give them a complex!
More naked sheep (who will be sunburned by tomorrow...they really should use sunscreen..I keep telling them....)
And poor Jello...he looks so majestic and MANLY with his wool...and then well, not so manly when he is sheared...
WHY did I use the ONLY ROUGH COATED DOG WE OWN!!?!? This was BEFORE she even worked the sheep...insert picture of frozen sh*t balls all over that hair...and the lovely aroma of urine...
So we gave her a farm dog bath! AKA a walk in the snow!!!!

OK totally not...the dog was RANK...I mean NASTY rank...and there was NO way her skanky butt was coming into MY house without a good bath.

Ewes should start lambing this coming week! I am really hoping they are done by the time we had to Illinois for a USDAA trial in April!! Otherwise our house sitter might have an extra job :)

And on a totally different in completely off topic...

Creepy/funny/creepy..did I mention creepy?...yet I now people like orange...

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