Saturday, March 6, 2010

Running Contacts--Revisited...and Randomness

Say THAT title 5 times fast!

No I am not going back to the running dogwalk training. I can't be there to direct...and I know that, so I am still doing the stopped dogwalk. BUT...a running A-frame I know I can manage.

Rosanne DeMascio has been very nice in helping figure out how I wanted to teach a running A-frame. I am very grateful to her help and all her insight :) She has looked at videos and given me great advice! Thanks Rosanne!!

Lynn is the only one working in agility right now, Even has either pulled or had a tear in her tricep muscle :( We will know on Tuesday, so her training is on hold for now until we are 100% sure what we are dealing with. I am so happy I have a team of 3 massage therapists and one awesome chiropractor to take care of my herd of dogs!

And, Lynn is well, a complete and utter spaz, I know longer have my sweet, little dog...I have an over the top border collie that well...yeah. She can do a tunnel to her A-frame right now :) And she can sit, down and hold stays. And she isn't biting me. Small goals that she needed, since she is a completely different dog. And I am really enjoying her :)

So...I thought I would work on it and see where it got us...I would say so far so good :)

I am really enjoying this and Lynn seems to like her A-frame :)

It is like gimp land at the Full Tilt place...Klink has a sore elbow because of her biffing the teeter, so she hasn't worked since the trial February 20th...she is almost healed so I am thinking she will probably be fine to run later on this week :)

Other than that...we are all just chilling out.

Um Gator...that is not what the Wii board is for...

I swear I have the most lazy dogs ever...


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Lynn looks awesome on her running aframe - how did you teach her to jump the apex like that?

So sorry to hear about Even though! Hope she heals quickly!

Live Wire Agility said...

WOW! Loretta, Lynn is looking good :) WOW! I also just thought of the country singer when I wrote that..whoops! Nice Job!

livin life said...

Is Even's injury related to what she was crated for earlier in the year?? How very frustrating....I hate dog injuries!!! Crating a border collie is torture for everyone!!!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks everyone :) Lynn is naturally jumping the apex. IF she wasn't I would probably put a strider board on the top so she would jump it. But so far she is doing great with that :)

Lora---I believe YES. That muscle that she injured is all good, but I am guessing that she overused the tricep taking the stress off that muscle. So HOPEFULLY we can get her back working soon, but I am guessing it may be several weeks. I hate injuries also. LUCKILY, she doesn't have to be crated, only in an x-pen and she can do on leash walks right now. If Lynn is up she can be out in the house a bit (otherwise Lynn and her play too much) time will tell :(