Thursday, February 25, 2010

Other projects :)

Since my break from dogwalk training with the girls (a much needed and much enjoyed one!) I am working on other things. Mainly foundation work for running A-frames and directionals :)

I am taking time off from running dogwalks because it feels GREAT :) That has been all encompassing and I am just tired of it. Lynn was not having fun anymore...and to be honest...I am not sure I will continue with it. Bleck...maybe just not my thing. Time will tell :)

And first off, Ace :) My old man wanted to show off for the camera :) He is 11 years old and a sweetheart of a dog. The one that got me started in all this crazy dog stuff :)

Isn't he just SOOOO cute!!!!!?!?

Now onto Even Steven :) It is always neat to tape the two girls to see visually how they train and move differently. Makes it easier to see if things are going well or changes need to be made. Even just cracks me up :)

Crackers is such a spaz :) I think he woudl turn left until he was so dizzy he puked :) Andy needs to work more gamble stuff, so lefts and rights make that much easier :) This little dog has so much "want to work" in him.

Now Lynn--Lynn has GREATLY enjoyed her non-dogwalk time! I am getting my crazy pup back. Which is GOOD. No training should affect that and it is great to see Lynn is back to her old self!

For the 10,000th time, I am SOOOOO ready for spring!!! It is getting closer I think!!!!!

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achieve1dream said...

It is taking me forever to get caught up on reading blogs. These videos are great! I love seeing them working on other things occasionally. Crackers is so adorable. Crazy terrier.