Monday, February 22, 2010

Back from the USDAA Trial and a whole lotta randomness :)

What an awesome trial! It was so nice to head down to Cannon Falls and run the dogs :) There were friends coming from all around the midwest, and seeing them was just icing on the cake!

The weather has been LOVELY up here...anything near 30 degrees is summer :) We are enjoying, the dogs are LOVING it and we are (as I have said MANY TIMES in the past..I am soooo ready for spring!)...lots of walks going I snapped a few pictures :)

Zippity Zoom :) Can't believe she will be 7 years old in April!

Gator and Lynn :) Not sure why she is laying down...but whatever! LOL
Lynn---hope this girl fills out someday! :)
Klink--OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!
Rough coat border collie + bath - brushing = FUZZY
Zip "um mom...jolly ball...yeah....RIGHT THERE..."
Even with normal looking eyes...weird :)
Lynn again :)
Even Steven---built for speed! BALL....RIGHT THERE....
every step you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you...
still watching...
awww...the whole fam damily...well at least genetically :)

Now onto the trial :) First off Zip. She had several great runs, and then bars started falling...and we figured out she had subluxated her she didn't really run on Sunday :-(( Which was a bummer...but she did have some nice are a few :)

PIII Jumpers Q and 1st place :)

PIII Standard...GREAT RUN, one bar :-((

PIII Pairs (and her pairs title!) with Dash :)

And now Gator :) He was a good boy this weekend, didn't pick up the Grand Prix leg we need, but he was awesome other than that :)

Andy and Crackers did AWESOME on their 2nd USDAA trial ;) Crackers hit all but one dogwalk (which Andy caused) and all A-frames and teeters....lots of Q's and his first two titles!!! I am so proud of them!

Klink had a GREAT weekend! Finished her Grand Prix Q for Nationals and LOTS of other Q's on top of that! LAA-Bronze is fast approaching! OH! AND, Klink ended up 14th overall in JUMPERS of all things for USDAA Year End Awards...GO STINKY PETE!


Debra Kay said...

I saw a video Crackers talking smack on Facebook-I'm guessing this was YOUR crackers.

You have a lovely family-congrats on the Q's and such!

fulltiltbcs said...

LOL! You saw that on Facebook? Too funny...I guess I am not the only one that finds his trash talking funny! :-))))

Thanks for the congrats! Look me up on Facebook!

achieve1dream said...

Crackhead! I love it. Great nickname.

Great pictures!! I'll have to come back tomorrow to watch the videos. Internet is being bad. :)

manymuddypaws said...

woohoo congrats on a great weekend!

love the crackers...

fulltiltbcs said...

He goes by Crack, crackhead and my personal favorite Crack is Whack :)

Thanks everyone :) He is a fun little dude to watch!