Sunday, January 31, 2010


Took the kids down to a local place to work agility :) It has been a week and it was good to get back to working dogs.

All the trained dogs were a BIT rusty (ok minus Klink who was a GENIUS!!!! Whatta girl!) Even was psycho and what a determined little bugger she is! Such an athletic little peanut of a dog (18.5inches tall) but my GOSH that dog as a lot in her! She did lovely today, just worked some handling (bars still on the ground since she is still doing PT for her injury) but she looked great :)

Crackers running contacts are really settling in and he is becoming very consistent, as well as Andy :) My friend Bonnie Griep (also Crackers breeder) gave me some lovely tips to help Andy with the contacts, handling and proofing. GREAT ideas and things are really coming along for them as a team :) THANKS BONNIE!

Being where I am up here in "Canada", I don't get to work with people very often--I am not really a "class" person, I really prefer private lessons...but having another set of eyes is always so nice AND with Bonnie's experience it is so nice! I really enjoy being able to work with her :) Andy really enjoys working with her as well :)GREAT teacher, great person!!

Things with Lynn seem to be looking up :)

Keeping things short and sweet for the dogwalk :) Lynn was AWESOME today! What a change and she is really working this out :) Her speed was SO much better and she did miss a couple which is JUST FINE, that means she is driving and wanting to run it again ;)

I won't be working it everyday, not even every week...I think that is the best thing for her :) Here is a quick vid from today :)


Sarah said...

very cool progress ... LOL Canada ... ya I can REALLY relate to that :) Even is a peanut :) Gyp still has her beat by an 1.25" gyp is a sunflower seed.

Even and Lynn remind me of a saying a "Retriever" guy said, that has also stuck with me when training my different dogs ... "Work a slow dog fast, and a fast dog slow". Not that Lynn is at all "slow" mentally (LOL) or physically ... but that can mean "soft" too, from my own experience (Gyp the thinker) - the kind of dog that might not need so many reps, and does better with a less is more approach.

I just think it is neat to see the 2 differences in the littermates, and how you adapt to them, and to get what works. I enjoy reading about the girlies.

fulltiltbcs said...


I totally got what you were saying :) I need to make Lynn into a "doer" and Even into a "thinker" :) They are so very much different that I actually have to mentally change over when I am training them :)

They are a lot of fun, but both challenging in their own ways :)