Saturday, December 19, 2009

Working da dogs...

Well we went out to the training barn today to work Klink, Gator, Zip, Crackers and Lynn :)

Set up several fun and technical courses with lots of turns and collection--great courses to run and lots of challenges :)

Klink hit all her A-frames very nicely and she is starting to relax into them...which is good to see. A side effect of this is that her dogwalk contact has gotten faster! I'll take it! :-)

Gator and Zip ran great and I got a good amount of collection work done with both of them :)

Crackers ran awesome, hitting all his dogwalks and A-frames and his lovely teeters also! I am so excited about the trial coming up!! He and Andy are such a great little team :)

And to Lynn :) I have been working on her running over a plank in my house, so not really ideal for a huge amount of speed over the board. Today I took her out and wanted to see what she did as I added speed--she was AWESOME! A few times she went around the plank, but then figured it out very quickly! She had NO misses and we even ended the session with a tunnel onto the plank and no misses there! Whatta kid!

So I am going to hopefully be videoing each session from now on if I can---if things are going well I am going to begin to increase the angle and see how she does with that. So far so good :) I will post videos here when I get them.

My goal is to have a running dogwalk...I know I can teach a 2 on 2 off, and I know that is the safest way...but I think living on the wild side might be a touch more fun :) I figure I can always go to a 2 on 2 off if things turn out not so great :) I have some great people that I can go to for questions and I think it would be fun! I saw that now :) HA!

And...another side effect...I am keeping myself on the treadmill :)

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