Friday, December 18, 2009

Kinda like...

This post is kind of like when you get those "Christmas letters" in the mail that tells about what everyone has been doing all year....but just about dogs :)

WE STILL HAVE VITTLES...come get her. Seriously...she is still building on her training, learning more and more annoying kitty things to bug the living crap out of me...but so far her cuteness is what keeps her alive. I think I am going to train her up and try to campaign her for FCI world team, I think I could kick Crackers A$$ out there...whatcha think?? :)

She tears up our garage, makes things go bump in the night, thus setting off the dogs barking at 4 am...gotta love her...right?? PLEASE COME GET HER, FREE SHIPPING BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!! :)

We are letting her in the house for little bits of time, so hopefully she can be used to the house and someone WHO WANTS TO ADOPT HER!?!?! doesn't get some kitty scared of the house :) Not sure WHY she wants to be inside with all the dogs, but she loves them! And BOY do they love her!
No...she will not end up in our house...the CHAOS she produces is of a level too much for even a person doped up on Xanax to endure....

Bring it ON Lulu!

Gotta keep those darn terriers in line...SIT Crackers SIT!


No man...a little close..K?
Lynn WUUUUVS the kitten...maybe a little too much?
Look into my are getting S-L-E-E-P-Y....
SMACK DOWN!!!! (No vittles kittens were hurt during the photo shoot)....
How to NOT demonstrate kitty CPR...
Vittles sizing up the competition....think she can take him?
I am gonna use my pimpin' hand on ya white BOYEEEEEEE!
Uh..not sure what is going on here.....did they just eat something off the carpet!?!? Crap....

The dogs are running well, working on a lot of skills and even with limited work as winter has set in, we are getting a lot of good work in :) Klink now has pretty much a running that, for some reason she is REALLY getting! I have hated her A-frame for a long time...she creeps and she is the first real "creeper" that I have had, so it really has bugged me!!! It is nice to have her just running it!

WHAT!?!?! I ain't doin' NUTTIN' to da kitte!

This weekend we are driving down with our "herd" and we are running all the dogs at a new place in the Twin Cities called On The Run Canine. They are having a fun run, I figure a good place to see if she goes BONKERS with this new A-frame ;) She will MAYBE miss one every 3 or 4 sessions--so it will be great to see if she can transfer to a trial :)


SOME dogs run fine at a trial, they run the same way between training and trialing, those dogs being Gator and Zip :) Klink...well she likes to add another LEVEL of drive at a trial, complete with a TON of barking and testing this is a huge thing for her. The January USDAA trial will be interesting, if anything to see what I have for her A-frame.

Why can't we rewind to when I was the ONLY DOG??

Both girls are in season as well as their mother...YOWZA...sure is a party here at the Mueller house! Thank goodness though as they will be done by the time the January USDAA trial comes! Jumping for joy!! Until then, we are well stocked with doggie panties--which we go through more often than one would think...they are black, the dogs are black and I sometimes forget to take them off before sending them outside to potty....WHOOPS!!!

I'm too sexy for my panties, too sexy for my panties...

Crackers is doing great on his dogwalk, running it well, hitting all his contacts and he has settled into the fact that the USDAA dogwalk WILL not break his little feets with evil slats :) Running contacts are GREAT, but I have to admit, they can be frustrating as you are always problem solving..sigh. But BOY are they fun to watch :) It will be interesting to see if he runs the same as his first trial, or if he starts really pushing on Andy like he does in training :) Andy did enter him in Steeplechase for January in addition to the regular classes, so THAT should be a blast :) It is a one ring trial so I can concentrate on Andy AND my runs :)
Can you like quit blogging and come play with us!?!??!!

I will also be running a students sheltie in Steeplechase :) So I get to run my own mini-dog!

Gator---we are working his nemesis, weave pole entries :) He is really working hard to get them and I am seeing great improvement, that boy always gives me 300%!
She works me like a common dog...Calgon take me away!

Zip is working great as usual, I really don't run her much, I want her to stay sound and when she gets her APD, she will officially be retiring from agility. With the help of her chiropractor (THANK YOU DR. HEATHER) she is running the best she ever has :) She comes into the barn once a week, runs a course, nails it and then we are done :) Works well for her! Gotta love the trained dogs! :)

Did ya hear that EVERYONE..I am the GOOD DOG!

Lynn is doing well, she is running her plank well for dogwalk training, I am going to be out at the barn on Saturday to work her with more speed, this will be her first time out there with her plank so I am not going to say she will get many hits, but she needs more speed than I can get in my house :) Both girls will for sure have running A-frames, I am still up in the air for a running dogwalk :) I have a student coming out to watch this as she is interested in doing running contacts. Other than that, she is just doing a TON of shadow handling, lateral handling collection, extension, lots of handling :) (well not really, those that know me know I don't work my puppies NEARLY as much as I probably should! LOL). I am not going to do any serious training until spring comes and I am outside for the next 6 months--I hate pushing puppies! And pushing them in the winter I like even less! So much chance for injuries in the cold temps! Although I have to admit, she is in ANOTHER growth spurt, so her butt is not always in the equation so that makes it easier :) She is a BIT gangly and is still trying to figure that body of hers out :) Gotta love puppies :)

Yes we pick it up when we have company over...what do you think we are CRAZY!!?!? :-))

Even is healing, she is going on leash walks, with stretching and ice everyday after her walks. She seems to be doing better and I have been working on silly tricks" to keep her occupied. It seems to be working well as she is very settled. I am thinking this injury has actually been GOOD for her!!! GOOD FOR ME!??! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!??!!

This is BULLSH*T...I am calling the Humane Society...

The pups have also been back on sheep, (went to a friends house and put them on her sheep) and they are READY to train :) However mother nature isn't so that will also be waiting. My sheep are bred and I don't want to stress them in case they won't settle. So winter is more an off season, until lambing then Zip and Klink get pulled out and begin their FAVORITE thing EVER...working ewes with lambs :)
Did you say EWES WITH LAMBS!?!?(like my new cozy socks?? They are DA BOMB).....


How's that for an update! :-))))


livin life said...

If you won't send my Even and Lynn.....get the guest room ready....I am moving in! I do have 5 puppies (one girl's eyes are open today) and just as many working border collies but I am sure you will have room for me! Let me know when you are ready..k?

Hillcrest Border Collies said...

Hey, I will take Viddles if you take Connor. The deal is even better as he comes with free shipping and I will put a BIG red bow on him.


Oh good, I am glad you are excited about it too.

achieve1dream said...

That was a very nice update. I enjoyed reading it. :)

An English Shepherd said...

Thats a very big update. Great read & I loved the cat pictures!

Wizz :-)

Debra Kay said...

OK=you just did what no one else could do-you pushed me over the edge into cat acquisition mode. My cat died after 15 years this fall, and I was not going to-but now I'm gonna. Thanks.

fulltiltbcs said...

Come on over Living Life, we have the guest bedroom all made up for ya! I need a puppy fix! :)

Brittney---I like Connor a LOT, but not that much! LOL

Debra Kay--what is your addy, I am sure I can ship her! LOL