Tuesday, November 3, 2009

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Meet Vittles...PLEASE TAKE HER HOME :) Andy and I found Vittles while walking the dogs the other night...she was screaming and was cold and hungry...and kittens are cute....damnit...
Vittles is SUPER friendly, very confident and LOVES dogs...go figure. We have placed papers around to see if someone lost her....but no one has responded..I really think this girlie was raised in a house at some point. She is WAY too comfortable. She doesn't care about ANY of our dogs...all of them can come up to her and she doesn't bat an eye.
In fact all my dogs are scared of her (because of my old cat Midnight that beat the living crap out of all of them!)...and she chases them around wanting to play!
We would keep her, but lets be realistic...I have lots of dogs and dogs LOVE kitty crap--and well....cats crap in a box in your house....ewwwwww. But she is damn cute.

We are guessing she isn't a day above 8 weeks old... She is started on tennis ball stalking...I think she might make a nice stock kitty :)
Plays an awesome game of tennis!! GREAT backhand!!!
She is very intense...especially when you try to turn her on her back to get a cute picture of her face....Hmmmmpppf.
She has some KILLER dance moves...she can show you her mad skillz on the dance floor!
I also taught her how to do at least 5 special camping knots...she would put a boy scout to SHAME!
Hey wazzup??
She is also learning the art of being able to hypnotize people.."you will take me home now..."
WHOOOOO'S the cutest kitten ever!!?!? ME! ME!
Here Vittles is showing us how she can tie a reef knot...this cat is amazing!
If you know of anyone who might be interested in Vittles, please contact me, she will be dewormed, vaccinated and ready to go :-))) I really would like to find her a great home since she is such a nice kitten :) She acts more like a dog than a cat...which from my stand point is kinda cool :)


BCxFour said...

awwww...what a sweetie.

Your reasons for not keeping a cat are the same as mine. ACK I cannot stand the thought of my dogs eating "Kitty Roca" then licking my face....ewwwwwww

*gag* *cough* *hurl*

Kathy said...

Do you need a barn kitty?? She'll keep the mice down.

Sarah said...

she is cute, i love the look of evil in her eyes :)

i agree about the litter box thing - then they walk on
the counters and go places they shouldn't with poopy litter feet.

barn kitty? that could work?

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Send her to me. We will take her. rigby and Cosmo need a pal.

Kathy said...

Sure, we have a barn kitty. She comes and goes and keeps the mouse population in the barn to basically nothing. Most farms have at least one barn cat around.

TorBlade Canines said...

Loretta, you could always buy the kit to train her to use the toilet...;)