Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ah....I am free...

I have been stepping back a bit the last month...working on my own dogs, enjoying life and having some serious ME time.

It has been very good for me, I feel refreshed and very is really nice.

I need to work on doing that for myself a bit more...I tend to worry about everyone else and it gets really draining for me.

Going out with friends, going to lunch, and enjoying life slowing down just a bit...

I think everyone should take a step back! Try it!!! Doing so really made me realize what is important...

As far as Klink and Gator, we are working on basics, skills, collection, jumping, etc etc. They are doing well and I feel we are goals are not lofty, just go and run my dogs as well as I can :) I am proud of them regardless :)

The dogs will be taking the month off after Nationals...I always give them a month to just be dogs :) No agility, just hikes, herding and playing with toys etc. I think it is great to give THEM a rest and time to just be dogs :)

Even and Lynn have been on stock and those girls are going to give me a run for my MONEY! They are KEEN and very very very fast. I am going to start working them more in agility as well :)

Arizona can't come fast enough!!!!

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Sarah said...

i couldn't agree more, i need to do this a few times a year :)

good luck in Arizona, I'll be cheering for you!