Monday, October 5, 2009

USDAA trial results :-))

Party in Hortonville....woo hoo!

OK...not really. Pretty boring actually ;-)) But the dogs did well ;-))

I ran Klink and Gator in 22" Championship and Zippity Zoom in 16" Performance :-))


Gator and Klink ran in DAM team, getting their Q's and went 3rd and 4th (relay is the great equalizer! HA!)...neither of my dogs went off course during team I was a happy happy camper! ;-)) Gator finished his TM-Bronze title with that leg :) Zip complained at the sidelines about how NO ONE lets her play...

Klinker: Sat

Pairs: Q & 4th
Std: Q & 2nd
Snooker: SQ & 2nd
Gamblers: Q & 2nd

Std Q & 2nd
WON Grand Prix 22" and got a voucher for Regionals ;-)) GOOD GIRL!

Gator: Sat

Pairs: Q & 2nd and RCH-Bronze title
Std: Q & 1st
Snooker: Q

Std: Q & 1st and got his SACH-Bronze and ADCH-BRONZE!!! HOLY MOLY!!! ADCH on June 21st and ADCH Bronze on October 4th! Just 5 trials in between! Whatta boy! GO TATER SALAD!!!
Snooker Q

Zip: Sat
Std Q & 1st
Snooker SQ & 1st
Gamblers Q & 1st

Snooker SQ & 2nd (so she now has all her Super Q's!!!!)..WOO HOO!!!

I was very happy with how all the dog ran....I was a bit off going from 16" with Zip to 22" with Klink and Gator..but that is my fault not the dogs :-)))

Zip ran LOVELY all weekend, startlines good, jumping GREAT, and she looked VERY nice and healthy...she goes to the chiro today to make sure things are doing OK :-))

The big dogs ran great, and I am SOOO happy to be done with DAM team Q's for Nationals and already having a voucher for Klinker for Regionals!!! :-)))) And Gator boy....whatta kid :)

Tired, and enjoying my day off.....whew! get ready for Arizona!

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