Friday, October 30, 2009

SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The days are counting down until Nationals...I am SO ready to go to Arizona to the SUN and HEAT! :) My dogs are probably not going to agree with me however...they like this cooler weather we are having!

It has been raining nearly every single day...I worked the dogs on Monday and then not until today! I am not willing to risk an injury to work on things...they are both trained dogs so no worries. Next week looks to be promising so they will get to run a lot next week :)

They have been going for long hikes and doing lots of running and playing...keeping things low key for them yet still trying to get them in shape :)

The girls are doing well...see Lynn below :-)) Both are VERY keen to work sheep...and now I have to really keep a close eye on them so I don't end up with a situation of puppies and sheepies together without a leader :-)) That would be me :)

The peanut puppy I so lovingly call Even has suddenly decided to GROW! WOO HOO! She has gotten bigger and very goofy looking...neck getting long, legs long, tail long..everything just LONG. And she is eating like a PIG. Who knew 24.5 pounds of puppy could go through that much food! GEESH!
Everyone else is doing well...just keeping everyone in shape and working on basic skills to get ready for Cynosports...I really enjoyed going last year (my first time) and I am looking forward to 10 days away from life :) Being with agility friends and getting to see two of Zip's puppies :) Leslie will be there with Vantage (Van for short) and Carl with Wind will also be there :) Can't wait to see them!!!

Gator showing off his "quarter horse bootie "....I would say he is in shape...

Even showing off one of her many "stupid faces"...

Other than that, things are pretty boring around here...I am not ready for winter to come, but it is definetly on it's way...and I am sure it will bring with it lots of snow and cold :-(( Another Even face :)

Another bad part about the winter will be not being able to work the babies as much in agility and definetly herding...but I am sure come spring we will be out there in full force and hopefully getting them trained up...for now they can enjoy being puppies. I have lots of things I can work on that don't involve going outside...body awareness stuff, obedience and things like that :)I still can't believe how fast they are growing!!! Hard to believe they will be a year old in January!
We had a bit of a scare with Gator boy...about a week ago he came up lame after going on a hike...three legged lame! Wouldn't put any weight on his rear right leg...thank DoG he came out of that..some swelling on his toes...but no issue with anything thinks he hit it on something and it just zinged him bad. He is back to normal and working fine, no swelling or any other issues...I swear I need to wrap my dogs in bubble wrap!
Can Even have a NORMAL expression!?!?
Lynn :) Gator...trying to include more pics of him since people are wanting that :-))
Lynn...kinda growing into her ears :) Kinda...
My Klinker :)
Lynn again

So on the 8th of November we are pushing off! Who knows how we will do, but we are going to have FUN!


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Good luck and have FUN

bungeroo said...

Awesome pics! Can't wait for you to come to the sun!

Taryn said...

Best wishes for a successful trip!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks everyone...with the crappy weather lately I wish I could get their sooner...but I am going to soak up all the sun while I am there!