Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crackers ;-)))

Well the day has come :-)) Crackers is hopefully entered in his first agility trial :-)) Andy and Crackers will (if they got in) be entered in the MAC CPE trial December 5th & 6th.

It will be for training purposes get Andy and Crackers out in the ring and see how the running contacts are going, weaves etc. And how they handle the stress of competition :-)) I think they will do JUST fine.

On a completely different note...Crackers and Ace were playing in the field today on the walk..and although my zoom lense sucks..I was able to get some "ok" pictures of them playing :) SOOOO cute to see my almost 11 year old boy running crazy after the little white dog :) GO ACER GO!

Smack down!
Gonna getcha!
Who you talkin' to BOY?
Crackers narrowly escaping!
Ace with pricked ears! HA!
Catch me if you can old man!
HAHA! You're too slow!
I am gonna bite your a$$ Ace!
OUCH...right into the leg!
OUCH..that had to hurt...there goes that $40 massage...I have NO idea why his neck is tight!?!?
Crackers keeps Ace young :-)) Even if he had 3 legs and 1 eye he is worth keeping his jack ass terrier butt around :-)) Wish Andy and Crackers luck! I hope to get video when it all happens :)


Dianna said...

Good Luck Andy and Crackers! You guys are going to do great!

Sarah said...

i can't wait to see vids!

i <3 crackers.

Ace looks to be pretty tall? is he?

fulltiltbcs said...

Ace is 23 3/4 inches at the he is dogs shrink?? LOL

manymuddypaws said...

how fun!!! good luck to crackers and andy!

Sarah said...

Ace is Kaleb's height! Thought that looked to be the proportions of Jane and Kaleb when I saw the photos!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Andy and Crackers:)

Nub, the Jack, and Boss, the Border/Jack help keep my old BC Max young. Max loves playing with them:) I also think having a Jack around helps keep the Border Collie seriousness at a reasonable level.