Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hiking With The Pups...

The day actually turned out to be pretty nice so I thought, before I gave the dogs a bath, we would go for a nice long hike in the mud :)

They had a great time and are now all clean and tired :)

I really find nothing better than just going on a walk with the is my time to just enjoy watching them be dogs...and they get to have "non-human" time :) No rules (OK there ARE rules) but I don't do much training on walks...I do the occasional recall for cookies or whatever...but I think of the hikes are their time. To be dogs, run, play, bite, wrestle, get dirty etc etc. And I am just there to supervise and keep everyone safe :)

The dogs get a minimum of 2 miles a day...come rain/sleet/cold/heat etc. Most of the time they get more than that..but 2 miles is what they are always guaranteed.

I have been working with my camera more and more and I am starting to figure some things instead of posting them...I figured a video format would work here ya go :)


BCxFour said...

That was a very cool video - I loved the captions!

Emma Rose said...

All those beautiful black and white faces just made my day!