Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting ready for Arizona :)

Well things have been busy...getting dogs ready for USDAA Nationals in Arizona :) We leave November 8th in the wee hours of the is about 28 hours for me to get there. It is going to be a blast!

We are mainly working skills (180's, 270's, jumping, contact criteria etc)...not running a ton of courses...but working parts of courses :) I have upped the dogs hikes and doing some sprint work with them to get them fit :) I am just taking Klink and Gator...Zip was going to go, but only if her PVP partner could run...which he can't :-(( So she will stay home and hold down the fort with Andy :) Taking her 28 hours to just sit around for a week would NOT be her idea of fun!
So lots of training going on...we will be ready and have a lot of fun!

The girls are doing well in their training....really understanding lines and working on lateral distance with them more...coming along :) I kept two puppies because I thought one wouldn't mesh with me! Damn...they both are! :-))
Lynn is more vocal and she is serious :)

Even is quiet and very quick to pick things up :) Yet at the same time if movement is added she forgets HA!
Both puppies are definetly drivey...great tuggers and a LOT of fun to work with :) I adore both of them and it is fun watching them learn new things :)

On stock they are fun to watch...neither is really ready to start just yet...they need some more maturity. But they are definetly keen!

Lots of fun stuff happening! I am going to try to update my Blog while at Nationals...AND get some video!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Good luck at Nationals!

I saw your congratulatory page in Clean Run this month! Very cool!

fulltiltbcs said...


What in Clean Run?? I am not in Clean Run...that I know of anyway...confused?

stickitbc said...

you will have soo much fun!

sorry to hear about PVP =( wish it would have worked out....

An English Shepherd said...

Good luck :-)


fulltiltbcs said...

To Ricky! LOL I just opened the Clean Run magazine and had to do a double take! LOL Thanks :-)) I am horribly embarrassed...but I have such a great group of friends!