Sunday, October 18, 2009

Even and Lynn on sheep...

With it being almost 60 degrees and sunny I got the girls out on stock today :)

Even and Lynn are 9 months old and I am just exposing them to sheep once a month for now.

Both girls are VERY KEEN, but not mature enough quite yet to take to training...they need some more maturity before I start actually putting training on them. Which is just fine I am not in any hurry.

Andy took my camera and got a few pics of them working...he was having some issues with all the settings on the we ended up with some interesting pictures :) Enjoy!


Barbara said...

I have been putting Meri on sheep about once a month too (she's just about 8.5 months now).

She's keen to work, but not ready for prime time yet. There's plenty of time for her to mature.

This was from August:

fulltiltbcs said...

Oh she is nice :)

Mine are definetly NOT that nice...RODEO comes to mind :)

What is the breeding on her?

I love the pups turning onto stock!!!

Barbara said...

She's from Canada--Keen-Eye kennels.

Here's her pedigree.

She's still not willing to take correction, is a bit pouty if she gets corrected. She's going to be very good when she's a bit older. I think I am in for a WILD ride until then. Her motto is "You're not the boss of me".

fulltiltbcs said...

OK yes I know those the dogs from Norm :)

Do you do much herding or mainly agility?

Barbara said...

I do mostly agility, have done some herding. Not much really. My husband does most of the herding with his dog Merckx (also related to Meri). He will train Meri the most, I think.

I don't have the time to do both well, so I try to do agility well. I am learning more, but it takes time to learn herding and be good.

What about you?

fulltiltbcs said...

My dog get stock work often...but as far as, not much now. Andy (the hubs) really likes agility and it is something we can share and trial together at :) Herding he has no for me as long as I can work my dogs on stock I am happy :) Do miss trialing a bit though...I hope to get back to it again.