Thursday, August 27, 2009


I will ON OCCASION take in dogs for boarding. The dogs cannot have aggression issues, housebreaking issues, recall issues etc. Which really limits the dogs I am willing to take in (great for me!!!). They have to be ok in a pack for walks as that is how I take my dogs. So the dogs (and very very few) I take in are well behaved dogs...

However, where I work part-time I get lots of interesting dogs and clients :)

I wish at times there was a "really??" day where I could answer the questions posed to me in a realistic yet totally joking manner...but I am thinking the owners would not find the humor in my responses...and neither would my boss:

You won't let my dog play with aggressive dogs during his play session..RIGHT?

"OF course we will mam! We love to watch little 7 pound peeka,shitza, cocka, poohs get ripped to shreds by several aggressive LARGE dogs...he would PROBABLY only be missing a leg...and an ear....maybe an eye?? That shouldn't affect him as a pet dog anyway...that isn't an issue for you is it?? (I am not sure why this question is even asked.....I think that is kind of a given if a dog is "DOG AGGRESSIVE" they don't like dogs.........right!?!?!?!?! we don't let them PLAY with other dogs....see how this works??)

Do you just turn them out to play and leave??

"Yeah..we turn all the dogs out in the play area and then just hop a plane to Cancun for the weekend...sure do! (I mean REALLY????? leaving dogs unsupervised????)"

What if my dog goes potty in the kennel??

"We like to keep their "functions" and return them to you at the end of your dogs stay...if you don't wish to have that done, we just leave it in there for them to walk through (this question has been asked several gets cleaned DUH...)

My dog doesn't like barking there anything we can do so he doesn't hear barking??

"Take him on the trip with you...if you don't want barking do not take your dog to a DOG BOARDING KENNEL....seriously...Dogs bark...plain and simple"

How do you take dogs for a walk that can't go off leash??

"Is this a trick question...WE USE A LEASH!?!??!? (insert look of disbelief here)...

I am sure I could come up with a million more...but these seem to be the biggies...and sad that they are asked often enough that I remember them...

It is a great boarding kennel...the owner does a great job (as does the staff) in taking care of the dogs...caution is always used in regards to dogs and there are rarely (if ever) any issues. So I just get a kick out of people that ask these questions :)

I guess "really?" day is probably out of the question...damn...I could have so much fun...sigh.


Kathy said...

I love it and I am sure that you could come up with a zillion more questions. As I think that all of us could. If I thought hard about it I could come up with stuff from when I worked in the vet clinic too. The one that comes to mind off hand is the guy who brought his male dog in to have the tumor(s) by his back legs checked out. I don't think that I have to tell anyone what he was really referring to.

Or the other one that I get a kick out of is that people just don't think that male dogs should have nipples.

Lauren said...

If you teach high school, you get to use the "really?!" response all the time. It's awesome.
I generally save it for further into the year for the students that perpetually ask you questions which you have previously answered the 10 seconds before.
Here's the exchange:
"Is this for homework?"
"Really. Did someone just ask that? Seriously? Who was listening? Can someone please fill in the student who didn't hear me 10 seconds ago?"

I guess those students grow up into those adults that ask questions like that!

stickitbc said...

Wait wait you missed a good one.....

Do you take our dogs out on Sundays??

No way...we leave them in the kennel ALL DAY =)

or there is the occasional....

He never pees or marks in our house....well he does here...oh we thought the smell was just him and the yellow on the wall was our house =( sad very sad!