Monday, August 24, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle Update...

Just to let people know how the new lifestyle is going :) Things have definetly changed and good habits are replacing bad :)

My craving for McDonalds is GREATLY decreased :) THANK doG.

Restaurant foods taste greasy and nasty...and usually give me a stomach easy to resist them :)

I am getting stronger due to weight lifting...which I am finding I really like?? And I am seeing changes also! WOO HOO!

I ran 2 miles straight through this evening...which when I first started walking was a good is great to be able to run and I even got a runners high!

Exercise is now part of my this :)

More energy! Sleeping GREAT now (have had sleeping issues in the past year or so)

My butt is getting smaller :) I am not weighing myself because that can be depressing--drink a diet coke and gain a pound :) But my body fat percentage is going down! WOO HOO!!!! So I am less fat! YIPPEE!...

I am not as grouchy! Andy thinks that is great too :)

I am running agility better and can run all my dogs (Zip, Klink, Gator, Even and Lynn) and not be tired after working them!

Clothes are fitting better and several are getting loose! YEAH BABY!
So things are trucking along...I have cheated a few times damn you Dairy Queen...damn you...death to the Blizzard!!!...sigh. But in general I am doing good with not eating bad things :)
Another plus is I can get my rear out to correct a young dog on stock much better now :) (or and older dog being a butthead) and they are AMAZED by my new found bad ass skillz :-p
So I trudge on...little by little, figure I didn't gain it all overnight (wouldn't THAT suck) so I won't lose it overnight (damn)...slow and steady!


Sarah said...

congrats! sounds like you are in the right head space for your goals!!

you do know it was Blizzard Treat day this month, and for one day only, they have no Calories, because it is for charity :) so that was a freebie cheat :)

I agree with the not weighing yourself thing - your energy and loose clothes are the YIPPEEEE to know what you are doing is working.

fulltiltbcs said...

So....if I eat like 5 of them in one sitting I am still OK right?? HA! is really hard and there are some days I wish I could just stop...but I keep going...definetly the weighing is demotivating for me...but getting into smaller clothes ROCKS!