Saturday, August 22, 2009

Feeling Photogenic

It's not everyday that Lynn feels like posing for the camera...she normally gives me a look like "REALLY?? This is THE most boring thing EVER!!" and just looks around...sighs...and in general is not impressed by me and my camera...but today for some reason she was saying LOOK AT ME!!!

So I got out the camera and took a few pics of the girls today :)

The two girls couldn't be more different as far as their temperaments :) Lynn is a doer, very barky and has an off switch...more laid back when she is around the house and basically is JUST like Klink...which takes after Kathy's Jake more I think. Klink was an easy puppy and a HELLION to train (on stock and in agility) but it was worth the work...she is a LOVELY working dog...even though she has a REALLY big mouth :)

Even is more of a thinker (not MUCH more...but more than Lynn! LOL)...not as vocal, definetly not barky and has no off switch...and VERY exciteable...a lot like her mother and grandfather Ettrick Tweed...she is an evil puppy who, just like her mother Zip, tries to outsmart me at every turn...brat.

They do have characteristics that are similar though....both are very outgoing, love EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. So far their working styles are very simular (as much as one can tell on a young pup) so it will be interesting to see how they are as they mature. In agility they are both easy pups to train and retain things well....lots of fun!

Lynn was the pup in the litter that was SUPER INDEPENDENT...didn't care about many people...not scared of them, but just of the reasons I kept her...wasn't sure what she would be like as she grew up, but I would have rather it been my problem if there was one. Plus I was keeping 2 puppies and everyone else got one :) Ultimately because of her dominant/independent attitude she stayed here...and she is NOTHING like that anymore :) She is super bonded to me, super friendly and the cuddler!! (Even has NO need for cuddling) there goes puppy testing out the window :) Even was the cuddler as a puppy.....HA! Not anymore :) Funny how they change :)

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