Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pics from today :-)))

Today was a fun day! Donna brought Spot over to have a photo shoot! :-))) Pics are below!!!!

Here are the Clones---Zip and Even Steven :)



Lynn--in the dark :) Kinda cool I thought!

Lynn during the day!

Momma Zippity---her rehab is going well and she has a chiro appointment on the 28th to see how much more we can do! I am hoping for swimming soon! SHE is hoping for stockwork..we will see who wins :)
My Klinker Stinker :) What a perty girlie (yes I know I am biased!)

WHAT A GORGEOUS BOY!!!! Thanks for bringing him Donna!


manymuddypaws said...

he (spot) looks much more puppy like than the girls. must be the goofy ears! :o)

you're gonna have issues telling zip and even apart one day!!

fulltiltbcs said...

HEHE :) He definetly has a softer face than the girls! I am sure the ears do help :)

I ALREADY have issues telling them apart!!!! They act identical too!

Dianna said...

That last pic of Zip...I would've sworn it was Even...until I read the caption, it's almost creepy huh?

BCxFour said...

wow, they are clones! It is amazing. Spot is adorable, simply adorable with those cute fluffy ears. I love your puppy pictures.