Friday, June 19, 2009

USDAA...and sheep....

Well things are loaded, all the dogs are ready to go...we are heading down to the Agile Canines USDAA trial in is held in a nice indoor soccer arena and has air conditioning! WOO HOO!

I have to admit I haven't worked the dogs a ton this week, just kind of giving them time to be dogs and we will see how that works for me this weekend :-))

Everyone is going and this will be the Expedition's first run with the trailer...hopefully nothing happens...boring is a good thing when you are least I think.

The pups will be going with us also...they are such great travelers..just sleep the entire time and nothing bothers them :)

Speaking of pups, they have started doing a little bit of training, they are solid on recalls, sits, down etc....etc. But just training for agility. Working on stays and waits, going over jumps on the ground..they both have super fast tables already (table is on the ground) and doing some teeter slam-its....they are having fun. Even is a bit more mature than Lynn..and that is OK :-)) Lynn is goofy like Klinker was at that age.

And also.....Even has decided that my idea of waiting on her sheep herding career is just silly. She helped herself to sheep the other night. I was feeding the ewes and lambs and suddenly I saw out of the corner of my eye a little black and white streak...I had been taking a pup each time with me to do chores..and they stalk some from the fenceline....but hadn't tried to actually get in the fence....well that was apparently something fun that Even had planned.

The little black and white ball of puppy ran out and all hell broke trying to catch her..sheep all over the place, lambs here, ewes there..puppy barking....etc etc.

I figured that calling her name was of NO use at this point (learned that a very long time ago...puppy in the zone--yeah whatever a recall..what????) I just worked on not losing it and just watch and try to grab her up.

I ALMOST had her by the tail and I slipped on a sheep turd and SPLAT..into the mud....or combination of mud + extras. And as I was getting up off the ground to look around to see if anyone saw that happen...I saw 30 head of freaked out sheep RUNNING FULL SPEED. I screamed the f-bomb and then ducked....I felt hooves and a sheep (or more than one..not sure) going over my back using it as a pommel horse. Fence down...sheep bolting and puppy jumping to get them....she got hung up in the fence and I got her...

The sheep were so happy I had corraled the evil border collie that they immediately grouped back together and started grazing the front yard.

I, covered in sheep crap, mud and god knows what else....stumble to the house....Even has a shit eating grin on her face....also covered in crap and a long tounge hanging sideways out of her mouth...she was sooooo happy with herself.

Me...I was having flashbacks of the first time her mother was on sheep....and I knew nothing....and it was similar..though the fence didn't come down...thank gosh I know more now. I think I do anyway...I am just happy nothing happened to Miss Evil.

So is the end of puppy happiness....sheep are now Even's bestest friends and she has to be on lead currently to go outside to potty---otherwise she just attempts to run the thank you miss thang!

They grow up so very fast...


Kathy said...

What a story. She sure is full of herself, but that's the way to have them. Glad that you're alright. Ah, puppies, they can be such fun.

BCxFour said...

I know I shouldnt be...but I am LAUGHING MY ARSE OFF! Terrible thing, the fence down, puppy loose and all the bad things that could have happened. But it is still FUNNY!!!! Sheep turds are slippery little devils eh?

Have fun at the trial!

Emma Rose said...

Oh my gosh, that was so funny - except for the part about you getting run over by sheep! Hope you are ok.
Have fun in Burnsville - wish we needed a/c here in Oregon!