Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Students :-))))

I was just thinking about this tonight....I had 3 students at a recent agility trial...and I was very very proud of them. Yes they Q'd on several runs, even some got titles!

But what I was MOST proud the runs that their dogs didn't Q and they were SUPER happy with!!!! Imagine that!!! Dog didn't Q and they were happy!

These are all green dogs, two of them VERY green and all 3 retrains! Contacts, weaves and handling.....and their owners have put a LOT of work into these dogs. They were all about ready to give up running agility because of lots of issues with their dogs.

So when one works THAT hard on a dog..most people would want perfection..and they didn't! They UNDERSTOOD dogs make mistakes, do green dog things etc etc etc.

THAT made me SOOOOO proud.

One dog in particular...we have had to retrain basically EVERYTHING...contacts, weaves, jumping, stays, handling you name it. She was so nervous running this past weekend...and she had a crazy run because of nerves :-)) Ever had one of those!?!?! LOTS! LOL

She recovered and went on to have a GREAT weekend! Her dog ran really well and I was soooo happy for her!!!! This dog was considered a lost cause by many....too "over the top"....etc etc. He was BEAUTIFUL....and she did an amazing job running him. I just about cried when I heard abou her runs!

These students were focusing on the good things in their knocked bars, got that front cross, WEAVES!! And focusing and listening well...there were a few pep talks, but everyone did awesome. I couldn't have been more full of pride from this weekend.

I feel like now that I have better mental management, I am able to help my students just that much more. I am enjoying seeing their milestones...seeing them overcome the challenges presented to them...LOVE IT!! It is what teaching is all about.

Thank you to all my are all great, always give me 110% and are awesome to your dogs...keep up the GREAT-AMAZING-INSPIRING work!!!!!!


manymuddypaws said...

i love that feeling.

Dianna said...

Just now getting around to reading this! Thanks so much! I am so proud of my accomplishments. I know you tire of hearing it, and try to brush it off, but we really (no REALLY) couldn't have done it without you! It makes me so happy to make you proud of us, because you stuck with my crappy handling and my dogs obsessive behavior! still can't have my dog! LOL