Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting older and bigger :-)))

The girls are growing sooo fast and really maturing into nice pups :-)) They have both started puppy class down in Blaine, MN with Jacque Hoye and it is GREAT! Both pups are pretty darn fearless, ready to work and super serious when it comes to their job :-)) Good to see ...

We also have to now let them go potty in the front of our yard...the back is too tempting with the sheep there. I have begun working on little bits and pieces of things with them, but nothing too hard. Enjoy!

Always so serious!
And now for some sisterly love :)

My girlies!!!! Lynn---yeah..um are you done yet???

I have NO idea where Even has put her entire muzzle....is it possible that it all fit in Lynn's mouth????


Sarah said...

super photos! they are so cute!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks! They are a lot of fun, I have started training them and it is neat seeing the differences :)