Friday, May 8, 2009

The rest of the litter....well almost :)

The puppies turned 16 weeks old this past Tuesday so I thought I would share some recent pictures of all of them ;-)) Hard to believe they are 4 months old already!!! CRAZY!!!!!!

Vantage (was Tweed)---LOOK AT THOSE EARS!! He reminds me soooo much of Klink :-))

Zing (used to be Gin) what a cutie!!!!!! Patty just adores her :)

Peat (was Sweep) crazy crazy ears! He reminds me of Jake so

Wind (was Lil) also has crazy ears ;-)) They were both up, but apparently teething has made them change their minds! LOL
The puppies are continuing to do great in their new homes, everyone is outgoing, confident and have lots of drive--MOST I am hearing have off switches also (THANKS TO JAKE!!!) and I am happy to hear that :-))
I am trying to get Donna to bring Spot out so I can take some pictures of him...then I will post those also!

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