Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hiking today ;)

Since the weather was decent (50's) we thought we would take the puppies on a hike :) We took them to the Soo Line Train...some long trail that all the 4-wheeler people go on. Today is the opening day of Walleye we figured everyone would be fishing...we were right ;) The trial was quiet and the dogs had sooo much fun!

Crackers....the TERRORIST!

Even would like you to stop staring...k?

Fine...then I will ignore you...stupid.

Zip...with hair :)

Hi you can stare :)

ATTACK OF THE BORDER COLLIES...ok...well 5 border collies...and Crackers...and apparently Ace is running away in the far left corner of the pic...Ace---the great

Jerry Springer Time!

Get that damn camera out my face!

Ignore the behavior you don't like...ignore the behavior you don't like...please go away...

Even and Lynn were showing how much they love each other :) Awwwww
I is gonna bite you in the ass Lynn!

Awww..see the love in Lynn's eyes...that love is so sweet...aww :)
CHEST BITE?? Even fights DIRTY!

More sisterly love :)

Lynn smiling at Even as she runs to give Lynn a BIG HUG...:)


Love..can't you see it?? Don't hold back the tears...I know, it is beautiful.
These two I mean love.....hard huh?

Dancing with the stars EAT YO HEART OUT!

Rest break...

Screw Dat! That is why we wear collars! Collars = HANDLES

Looks like Lynn just told Even a really great joke--keep it clean ladies!

Another can o' wup ass is opened.

Um...not sure what Even is going for here, but all I can think is OUCH! Rated R.

Lynn, also known as Beaner, Lulu, Linny Binny and MOUTH.

Favorite pic of Lulu...Love this girlie!

Klink!!!! Aka Stinky Pete :) The token rough coat of the herd :)

WHO YOU CALLIN' "TOKEN"!?!?! Shut yo mouth!

Sisters...Evil times TWO.

The better to eat you with!

Lynn watching the rest of the pack.


Lynn is soooooo freaking happy---she reminds me of Klink so much!

Lynn doing her very best "muppet screaming" look :)

Tired dogs, tired people, good day...

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