Monday, May 18, 2009

The girlies :-))))

Are growing UP! I wish they would stay puppies longer...

Lynn has entered the "donkey phase" as I call it....ears WAY TOO BIG for her head :-))))

Who has big ears?? Not me??

I have a big nose right now too! Don't make fun please...I am sensitive.

I'm watchin' you.
And then there is Steve ;-))

Gosh this is ZIP! She looks so much like her mother!
I am so happy we kept two puppies, they are such a joy to own, very different, but I am really enjoying both of them!


Sarah said...

oh i love them both!! and i love those ears!! those are great photos, i love the colours!

again, if you ever feel you have your hands full, i'll take either LOL

BCxFour said...

As usual...beautiful photos. They are growing up so fast!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks Sarah :-)) So far I like them both! LOL

Yes they are growing up TOO FAST!