Friday, April 10, 2009

Working dogs :)

What a GREAT day!! It was 50 degrees outside and the lambs are now about 4 weeks old so I figured it would be fine to work the dogs! I will NEVER breed every sheep I have again! No dog work for months because of that! BAD IDEA!!!

The dogs were a bit rusty to start out with...but then they remembered and were AWESOME!!! Took some pics....thought I would share :)

Gator first :) This was his first time working ewes with lambs, so I was not sure what to expect, but he did very well ;) Calm and cool and handled the ewes very well :)

And now for Klink---I had to single out a few ewes to check hooves I worked on Klinks shedding (this dog LOVES to shed!!!) and she did an awesome job with this ewe. She did NOT want to go..but Klink convinced her :)


She reminds me so much of Jake here :)
And finally Miss Zip :) I expected her to be a bit crazy since it has been awhile since she has had a ton of work...she settled down really quickly and just worked so nice...she is so happy to be back to being a normal dog again :)

I just thought this was cool for some reason :)


stickitbc said...

I love herding pics they always look so intense and just awesome:))

sheepkelpie said...

The lambs look great!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks :)

Yes the lambs are doing well...even our bottle lamb is doing great! He is eating a TON of grain and once we get the lamb creep feeder set up he will get to go out with the main herd :) WOO HOO!