Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lambs ;)

Spring is here...everything is getting green and we are VERY VERY HAPPY! :-)) Winter is soooo long here in Minnesota--and being a Missouri girl, I am not fond of it!

The puppies are growing---it is getting easier to have two puppies (NOT easy---but a bit easier--so not insanely hard :-)) We weighed them today Lynn is 13.7 pounds and Even is 13.5---getting bigger!

I managed to get a pic of Lynn this evening, on the other side of her face! LOL I always seem to get the black side of her face when I take pics :-)) ya go....Lynn's other side :-)))
And now for the lambs ;) They are getting BIG!!! Ernie the bottle lamb (not pictured here) will be going out with everyone on Sunday...since he is now eating a TON of grain and actually is bigger than his sister and brother who are still with mom!
Mother and daughter :)
Aren't they fat little buggers!?

This is the lamb we call "Fatness" or "Double Chin"..wonder why?? :-p

Lambie gang meeting :)

Ya know..if you have to nurse like are a bit too big!

This boy looks just like his daddy Jello (yes that is our ram's name :-)
One of my favorites :)

Our FAVORITE ewe--Lulu :-))

Lu's Baby :)

Lu's baby again :)
Love this pic :)


I LOVE watching these guys..they are soooo entertaining!


I love the look on the ewe's face "good lord...."

Lambie love :)
It is so nice to have sunshine and warmth is gone for so long up here that it makes me wish I could bottle it up and save some for the dead of winter!


Emma Rose said...

Those pictures are so darling of the lambs jumping! But I sure would like to chase them!

sheepkelpie said...

Excellent job you all (mommas and humans) did with those lambs. Gratifying isn't it- to see them so healthy and vigorous! Wish I could see them in person!

Bordershot said...

Hey, your lambs are sooo cute.
I love them!
Have a great time.

stickitbc said...

they are getting BIG already!!! I didn't think that they go that big that FAST!!! They are SOO cute!!! How many girls and how many boys are there???