Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lambs :)

Just a few pictures of the far we have 2 singles and 2 sets of twins, with more to go probably soon.

We had one little ram lamb that was not doing well, so we have been putting him on mama several times a day and getting good results--thank goodness our ewes trust us!

So hopefully things will continue to go pretty smoothly! Enjoy the pics!


Darci said...

Awwww! All my lambs are growing like well watered little weeds and are cute still, but not so small, the little heifers! LOL
What kind of sheep are those?

An English Shepherd said...

I think you might be a bit busy now ;-)

fulltiltbcs said...

Daddy is a cheviot, the mothers are cheviot/isle de france/and a tiny bit of Rambouillet in there.

We want to eventually get all cheviot sheep..but the wool crosses grow BIG lambs!!

Yes we are VERY busy now...with potty training TWO puppies and dealing with work!

Darci said...

I know about the size difference between the wool and wool crosses, I had them before I switched to hair sheep. Funny story, when I sold off all my wool sheep, I bought a small starter herd of PB Katahdin, they werent there 3 days and I called the guy I bought them from, (I was in Utah, he was in Nebraska) and told him I thought the sheep might be sick, he asked why I thought that and I said they werent eating much at all, he laughed his butt off at me and said, your going to love the hair sheep, they dont eat half as much as your woolies! True to form they dont, but I'll never get a 10lb lamb from them either!