Saturday, March 14, 2009

And then there were two...

Sweep and Zing (used to be Gin) left this morning to start their new lives :) I was happy I got to meet Sweeps new owner...since I have gotten 2 months to know everyone was great to meet Susan and I am very excited about Sweep going with her!!!!!

Wind (used to be Lil) and Tweed had no issues with their flight and are doing great also :)

Now Lynn and Even begin the start of staying in crates all night and being real dogs :)

Lambing is going well, I am sure the puppy buyers thought we were a bit rough looking this morning...we had 2 sets of twins, one at 2am and the other at 7 am right before the new owners came!!!

So finally we got our twins :)

Time to put up the puppy pen, put collars on everyone and enjoy the quiet that comes with a house no longer filled with puppies. I miss them though!!

I wish TONS of luck with the new owners and I hope these pups go on to do some great things!


An English Shepherd said...

Good luck with the crate training, I don't like mine and moan about using it ;-)

fulltiltbcs said...

Yes...Even and Lynn would like to say CRATES SUCK!