Monday, December 29, 2008

Warmer Temps...

Since it is above zero (YES!!!! Shout to all the earth!! ABOVE ZERO) I took the puppers on a long walk...with camera in tow :-)) enjoy!
The Stink :)Where's Crackers??
No pictures please...I am looking a little hefty today...I SAID NO PICTURES!!!!!!!!
Ace getting his butt beat...but Crackers is coming to the rescue!
I can take on all those Border Collies!
Stop taking pictures mom.....seriously...Go Acer Go!
Crackers in the snow :-)) Yes he will sit in the cold!
Here comes Crackers! Zippity Zoom.....not really zoomin' much anymore :-)
Can you find Crackers??
The whippet Gator.....can that dog GET longer legs!?!?
Where's Crackers....again?
There he is!
Thanks for looking!!!!!

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