Friday, November 28, 2008

Working dogs...

Winter hasn't caught on yet! It was 40 degrees and sunny today, so I took what chance I had and worked the dogs on stock! Got some pictures taken as well...though I would share...

Klink---just worked on bending, giving me clean flanks, not letting her eye draw her in and pace...she worked really well today.....very relaxed and did a great job :-) Her whistles are almost solid and she is taking her downs perfectly. If I give her a line on the drive she just takes them...what a talented girl!!

She is a very quick and athletic girl, with a HUGE motor...I am really enjoying her and can't wait to run her in PN this next season!

Klink.....and her shaaaddddooooww

Gator--he is turning out to be quite the bugger about driving....would rather outrun all day than not nearly the pictures...but he IS getting it and things are starting to click...he has lovely pace, great bend and is a very natural scopey outrunner--he would rather not lie down-but we are working on that. He is stopping well off balance and walking now just to work on him walking in MORE...then turning it into a drive...nice easy boy :-) Fun to watch work :-)

Miss Zip. She of course is a very seasoned no "real training" just reminding...I am letting her work lightly...not going to let her sit and rot while hopefully she is pregnant :-)
We just worked on driving and a few outruns, she is a very natural outrunner and does NOT like to stop...I hold one rein and she holds the other....she much prefers to stand...but there are times when I can't have her stand because she is too much to the sheep. She is a good driving dog---holding the line and she has matured more and more and with that has come pace....but she is still pushy...just a little less now :-))
Worked on some shedding....which she LOVES.....maybe a little too much at times ;-))

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