Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Got my photo CD from Great Dane Photos today!!!! http://www.greatdayphotos.com/
Have lots of fun pics to show!!! Lets start with Gator--aka Tater Salad---Gator Bait :-))

Weave Gator!!
First good tunnel pic of the boy!And now for Klink--aka "The Stink"---enough said :-)))

Good girl Stink--hit that contact! She looks TINY in this pic...I think it was just a BIG tire :-))

Here is Klinky as a red dog...or a blue dog (yes she is black & white)...demostrating EXTENSION :-)

And last but not least...Zip, aka Zippity Zoom, Poodle, Naughtypants :-))

Yeah I heard ya yelling TOUCH.....
Good girl Zippity Zoom!!
LOVE her teeter!
TIRE..in the pouring rain...yuck!
The weave pole "Wink"!
AND FINALLY--these three pics of the pups...show you exactly the attitude of each dog while working :-)))))


TATER (Mr. Business)
POODLE (RABID Drooly dog!)

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