Sunday, October 12, 2008

Little dogs rock!

One of the advantages of owning a little dog is that you can buy them absolutely ridiculous halloween costumes and they look freakin' cute in them! So we subjected Crackers to a "beee--utiful" transformation!!!! :-))))

His first reaction was that of pure horror...not able to move, or breathe...what is this THING we have put on him!!!?!??!??!
Then....the bargaining phase....PLEASE take this off of me!?!??!
Well.....MAYBE I can move a little bit...
Hey...this might not be so bad....they have cookies!
ok---MAYBE if i give them my cute face...
I personally like the "off the ear" look...whatcha think? Is my antenna straight?
How about taking it all off! I think I am hot! I am S-E-X-Y
And I can FLY!!!
Float like a hummingbird, sting like a bee!
I am finding the pros to owning a little dog...most of them involved some kind of sadistic act...but don't worry..the dog was not physically harmed in the making of this blog...


Hay Ewe said...

That is WAY too cute!

fulltilt said...

Thanks! I think EVERYONE needs a little dog! HEHE

Great truck dog! You need one for your BC's!