Monday, September 15, 2008


Why do people feel the need to come up to me right after my runs and offer "advise" or "comment" on my runs--point out what I did wrong, or what my dog messed up on.

I have to start changing my "after run" situation...I am going to start just taking my dog and tugging out of the ring and getting the hell away from everyone. Might make me look like a rip, might make me seem upset or whatever, but at least I don't have to hear the endless comments about this or that.

I find it very interesting that people feel the need to do something like point out someones mistakes or faults...and to do it when I am obviously trying to enjoy a few moments with my dog...

I am going to just become Miss anti-social for awhile and see if that helps. I hate having all that negative energy coming at me. I see no reason for it and I think it only puts me in a bad mood so I think negatively...

If I don't know why something happened, I can look at the video or ask someone...otherwise I am going to try the anti-social route...will keep you updated on how it goes :-))


Emily said...

My friends and I all have a regime of not saying stuff right away unless asked. Once the post-run activities have concluded, once the person sits back down in their chair, then we can hash out what went wrong. It's never unsolicited, though.

Sorry you're dealing with that -- is it friends or not acquaintances? I'd think you could just tell your friends to hold off a bit. Acquaintances, I'd just tell them they're being rude and when you want their opinion you'll ask for it!! Okay, so maybe that's a little harsh...but only a little ;-)

fulltilt said...

It is more acquaintances...aka fellow exhibitors...however SOME of them I don't even really know!

They just come right up and start talking to me as I am literally leaving the ring with my dog!!

I read somewhere one time that a person put a list of people's names that she valued their opinion on an index card-if a person came up to her to give her grief, she would pull out her card, look at the names and explain to the person that their name was not on this card so she would not be talking to them about her runs! LOL!!

Oh if I had the guts to do that! :)