Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tails in Motion USDAA

Well every once in awhile I get to just drive 20 minutes to a trial! YIPPEE!!

Klink, Gator and I traveled to a USDAA trial in Little Falls, MN and had a great time :-)) Not a ton of Q's, I was a bit off or something, but the dogs did great with what they had :-))

Klink got her first Masters Q!! Masters Gamblers!

She also got an Advanced Snooker Leg with a 1st place, Steeplechase Q, so just 2 more Standard legs to get her to Masters.....

And SPEAKING of standard legs, she had a GREAT run in Advanced Std and I said tunnel right over a bar.....ugh :-((( So of course she knocked it...darnit.

Gator got an Advanced Pairs leg with a 1st place, Advanced Jumpers Leg with a 1st place and Q'd in Steeplechase going onto round 2!

The BIGGEST thing was, in Round 2 of Steeplechase, Gator got 3rd and KLINK WON IT! GOOD PUPPIES!!!!!!!!

So that was worth not getting as many Q's :-))))

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