Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cream City USDAA Trial!!!

On June 13, 14, & 15 we loaded up the van and headed to Wilmot, WI for another USDAA trial.

First off, I ended up sick all idea why (maybe blame the tomatoes??)but I was SICK. I also posted some pics of Gator and Klink running :)

Friday the 13th was the DAM tournament and Klink ran awesome!!!!!!! Our team "DWI" ended up WINNING THE TOURNAMENT!!!!! After every run with Klink I had to hand her off to a teammate and basically sit outside of the ring so I would not pass out...NOT FUN!

Saturday: Advanced Gamblers: Klink and Gator Q'd and went 1st and 2nd--GOOD PUPPERS! Klink finished her Advanced Gamblers title and ONTO Master Gamblers!
Advanced Standard: Klink and Gator Q'd and Gator beat Klink putting him 1st and her 2nd!
Advanced Jumpers: I was Q on either dog....darnit.
Advanced Pairs: Gator and Klink Q'd! Klink finished her Advanced Pairs title and ONTO MASTERS!! That was Gator's first leg in Advanced. Gator got 1st and Klink got 3rd.
Grand Prix--Both Q'd, Klink knocked one bar so no placement, Gator ended up 4th, good boy! Mom was TIRED.....not running too fast at this point!
Steeplechase: BAD handler for Klink--no Q....poor Klinker. Gator Q'd and took 4th place!

Sunday: Advanced Standard--BOTH dogs popped at the 10th pole! ARGH! Working on that one! The poles were going into a ring gate....but still! Naughty dogs!
Advanced Snooker--Gator Q'd, and Klink knocked a bar.....bummer :-((((
Advanced Jumpers--horrible course! only 3 dogs ran in 22" and 2 of them were MINE! So the rest pulled! NO KIDDING! Klink and Gator both Q'd and got 2nd and 3rd (mom again was slower than normal)

So all in all a great weekend---I was sick all Monday and felt better after that.....but what a LONG weekend!

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