Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yeah I know....I know...

I said I was going to blog more...well...yeah. I am not doing that apparently. Thank you guys for sticking with me! LOL Life gets in the way a lot of the time so I am once again playing catch up.
So what have the Mueller's and their kids been up to? We both trialed a bit, at different places...LOL He went up to Canada, I to Chicago :)
I just did a one day trial before teaching for the Contact Sports Agility camp. Gator was flawless, winning and placing in lots of classes...Lynn, well...feeling her oats!!! Naughty dog broke some start lines! EVILNESS. But it's better than the alternative I guess ;-)
Glad she saved it for that trial and not the REGIONAL :)
Speaking of regionals/nationals etc...I am sending in my guarantee I can go...but why not try? Otherwise I guess the regional is my nationals...which I am pretty happy with then! In the medals with both dogs!! Yay!
Still can't believe Lynn won it...and I got all my semi-byes in one regional...
It's annoying having everything up in the air...
I don't like being annoyed...
So I am going to cheer myself back out of annoyance by randomly putting in quotes that I like along with pictures...they may not even remotely be related...but that's OK, I am sure the quotes can still inspire you :)
I have also been doing some "mental health activities"...which I feel is fishing :) No I am not mentally ill (by doctors definitions that is...those that know me understand well I am not totally right in the head). One needs an escape...if you don't have one, that is something to work on.
I know what you are thinking right now...
Thanks, I've been working out :) (I can thank my friend Jim B for that one)...
Hiking and fishing is my sanctuary...quiet, peaceful, just...yeah. An introverts dream :) 
I need those times to recharge...will talk more about that later...
"We don't need to shift our responsibilities onto the shoulders of some deified Spiritual Superman, or sit around and wait for Fate to come knocking at the door. We simply need to believe in the power that's within us, and use it. When we do that, and stop imitating others and competing against them, things begin to work for us"--Benjamin Hoff
OH!! And!!!! Meet JUNE BUG!!!! Our new scamp! 
 Right now is when, if you have been following the blog long go, WTF didn't you OWN A SCAMP before? Yup, a 13' one...and it was tiny. So we got the HONKIN trailer...and it was huge and a PITA (pain in the ass--not a greek bread).  So, we just sold that one and found this CUTE little camper, 16', perfect size, with a/c :) Loretta is mucho happy!
She's seriously adorable :) And I will be taking her out this weekend :)
You're jealous of the plaid, go ahead, try to hide it :)
 Getting back to the needing recharging time...I am normally a very social person...I like talking to people, I like engaging conversation...
But then...there comes a point. Where Loretta HITS A WALL...
People...too many...too much talking...battery on EMPTY.
I noticed that yesterday evening when I went to go pick up June Bug...and the salesman kept talking...
I am not exactly sure about what...but my brain was screaming STOP TALKING!!!!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!! And I wanted to run away, flailing my arms and screaming...possibly throwing things at him as I was exiting stage left :)
OK maybe I thought about stabbing him...
So that is still throwing...knives...right?
As my father raised me correctly, I know I can't do's against the code of manners or something like that...but it was a good sign that...Loretta needed some downtime :)
Luckily, I can get that this week :) I missed my dogs so much! It's nice being back and having the quietness that being along allows :)
And now you all think I am weird...GGGREEEEEAATTTTT...I hope some people will be able to understand what I mean by all that. No I don' t want to kill people, or injure them...but when I want downtime, I want downtime :)
"Practice Like You've Never Won, Perform Like You've Never Lost"--Facebook Random Picture :)
The seminar was amazing, this is my second year teaching for Diane's camp and she does a great job of organizing and putting this thing on. Which is no small feat!  I got to teach alongside Lori, Tori and Kim...great gals. I didn't get to spend much time with any of them, but we did do dinner. Good times :)
The students were great, they all really worked hard, and were awesome to work with. Always up for new challenges, I love teaching people like that. I am a firm believer in, you get out what you put into a seminar, aka if you are just there for your run, and don't pay attention to anything else, you won't get much out. BUT...if you watch the rest of the teams, you will learn SO MUCH! These "kids" as I call them, did a great job with that :)
I really enjoy this format of a get to work with so many more people than if you were just giving a day long seminar.
Plus, teaching for Diane is awesome...she takes such great care of us :)
Talented dogs, talented handlers, challenges, it's what it's all about :) Plus there were some amazingly off color comments that had me barely able to breathe, much less speak :) EPIC :)
Lynn and Gator think seminars kinda suck...but they get to hang with friends afterwards so all is good :)
They were very disappointed that THE Miss Rev wasn't with Tori though...I told them they might be able to get her autograph...sigh. Sorry kids, maybe if we make it to Cynosport :)
Ok this quote kind of cracks me up: "Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but clones kind of get it wrong because we are promoting individuality, and being proud of being yourself"--Brian Molk0
Be YO-SELF folks :)
So now, it's back to the normalness of life :) My students (who I really miss after a horrible hot spell which made Minnesota and the surface of the sun very similar, I haven't seen them much!!!) I miss them!!! My house, my dogs, my husband (although I don't get to see him much, we have a date night this Friday!! WOOT WOOT!!)...I like normal :)
"Beauty is not in the face. Beauty is a light in the heart"--Kahlil Gabran
We are gearing up to have everything ready for MEB to come visit is the 14 & 15th. Super excited about working with her again, great group of folks signed up to be challenged :) Hoping for great weather so we can run outside!!! FINGERS CROSSED! This is the first person we have brought to Full Tilt Agility, and I hope this is just the start of bringing in some amazing people.
Then Jenny Damm 1-3 of October in lucky to get to work with her!!!!! THANKS DIANE!
Seminars in IA, CO :) Nationals, Halloween, etc etc :) Trials maybe here and there :)
Life Happens. Be Present right?
I'll leave you with a quote I saw this am: "Music is the strongest form of magic"--Marilyn Manson
Not to be confused with Charles Manson :) Both freaky...but one can for SURE needed to be incarcerated.
Off to enjoy the silence :) Over and Out!


Tori Self said...

I get that, very similar, though I always forget that this can happen after a long weekend of teaching. Friends wanted to catch up when I got back to school yesterday and I could barely listen, much less form sentences. But then there was Netflix;)

I hope very much that you can go to Nationals. Hugs and laughs to ya!! Would love to see you guys again this year.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

You're just a well socialized introvert!

Love the naughty Lynn :)