Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Busy Busy Weekend!!!!

First off...the biggest news :) Team Crackhead went to the IFCS Texas extravaganza!! They really did a great job! And...after all was said and done, Crackers and Andy won the spot on the team!!!!!!

So now they get to go to the Netherlands in 2014!! I WILL BE THERE DAMMIT!! :) I might have to have myself drugged the entire way over, but I am going to go this time!!!
 Got this photo from Jen Crank...could say "photo by Jen Crank" but she's kinda on the podium too, so yeah...uh...that isn't quite right...maybe photo by Jen's phone?? ;-)

Very proud of my boys...they work hard, they put up with me, and it's been really neat helping them become the team they are. Fun fun fun!! :)

In less exciting news (but still exciting for me I guess)...Klinker got her ADCH Gold this weekend :) She needed one more jumpers leg for it and snagged it Sunday on a cool jumpers course by Dave Bozak. 
Of which I got a tie with both my dogs! I would have LOVED to see where Lynn ended up in the pack!!!! Oh well...I didn't do a runoff, the judge had to get going, but that's OK :) I can say now I am consistent in my handling of each of my dogs, here's proof ;-)

Good job pups ;-) Anyway, back to Klink...this is probably her last ADCH, I will be moving her down to performance soon, start working on her PDCH. It's bittersweet, she's such a fun dog to run (sometimes she and I don't see eye to eye on courses, like doing 12 weaves...dork! LOL) but she's taught me a lot. And always give 600%...gotta love the Stink :)

It scares me to think of running her at 16"...but I think she is going to just LOVE it. I will need to get FASTER...much FASTER! ;-)

In regards to her aframes..she got one...the rest were not stops, they were two strided, but high...confidence, needs more training, she has a solid 1.5 months less of training than Gator, and it showed. Otherwise...she really ran great :) So we will continue forward ;-) NOT STOPPING is a good thing...first step. 

Gator boy---what can I say about this dude...he's such a good kid :) Finished his LAA-Gold this weekend (he's working on his ADCH-Platinum already), he hit EVERY aframe (even the crappy entry I gave him in gamblers!!) and ran so well...won Steeplechase Round 1 (didn't run Round 2) won jumpers both days, won Snooker and super Q'd the other day, 2nd in Standard....just an all around good kid! Most impressed with his aframes!!!!!
He's such a fun dog to run!!! My boy...gotta love those boys!!!

Oh...and proof you don't always need to do all 7's to get Super Q's...I usually don't, I will be honest with you....
Go Klink with a 44! Little turd knocked a red. I recovered...evil fuzzy butt...

Lynn was NOT happy about having to chill in the car all weekend, can't say I blame her. I really do think females in heat should be allowed to compete...run them last, fine with me. But just because they are in heat, shouldn't bar them from competition, doesn't in herding....or overseas in agility! Gator was intact until he was 4 and he knew the rules...sigh. Oh well...off my soapbox.

Maybe someday Lynn...she was cranky...but made it through...
Bones make it all better...

Or maybe not...
You're done now Lynn, for another 6-8 months...yay!!!! :)

The weather was awesome, courses were awesome, everybody was in a great mood. My students did awesome (two of them got Super Q's!!!! YES!!!!)...lots of great runs by them! Very proud!!!!

There is a trial the end of May...but that is our 10 year Anniversary...tossing up whether we want to trial or take that weekend to celebrate...choices choices ;-)

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